“i was attacked by monsanto and all i got was…”


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I went to the beach today, and sat next to a field of strawberries.


In front of me lay a vast, seemingly infinite horizon of ocean. Dolphins were playing, children were swimming, gulls were swooping gracefully overhead as the sound of the ocean waves breaking guided my breathing. It was beautiful.

Yet behind me, in the distance, I could still hear the rumbling of the street crew re-paving the highway. Turning, I saw a plume of dark smoke emanating from a steel beast. Above the crew, several chemtrails crossed, and more were actively being laid into an already hazy sky.

Look,” I thought, “what an awesome expression of duality. It’s just a matter of where I put my attention.

And then, as if on cue, a smaller steel beast roared immediately behind me. A piece of farming equipment appeared, armed with large, yellow tanks of glyphosates that it proceeded to deploy and spray on the field of strawberries.

As the spray blew my way, it was as if some tentacle of Monsanto had sought me out and attacked me.

Sometimes, the universe speaks, and it did so quite clearly today: now is not the time to meditate. We can not simply focus on the good stuff. We can not deny that a spiritual battle is playing out, that everything sacred is under attack, and that world-wide tyranny is encroaching on every front relentlessly. Now is the time for us to act in order to change what is going on. We must break out of old patterns that are allowing this kind of reality to perpetuate:

… if we continue to do what we’ve been doing, then we will continue to be complicit in manifesting the reality that THEY want. I would argue that’s the pattern that we have to break out of: it’s a form of activism, but it’s a different form of activism. It’s a spiritually informed activism, because there are inappropriate ways to respond if you are insufficiently informed.

I invite you to do something to change at least one of your patterns: use your imagination to come up with something you can do: develop self-sustainable technology or farming, get involved at the local level, make art/music that goes viral, start a trutherbot — whatever. Educate others, from waking them up, to understanding the spiritual process of the shadow archetype manifesting in reality to be made conscious. Start small. I can’t tell you what it is that you’re going to do; only you know. What I do know, is that if you just keep doing the same thing, you can’t expect things to change.

So, please, start this project now. Invest in it even just a little bit every day. See what happens.

If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done. Make at least one definite move daily toward your goal.

The goal is to regain control of reality from the psychopathic cryptocracy: to stop poisoning air, food, water, money; to stop suppressing new/clean technology; to end the wars, and feed the hungry–anything and everything you imagine the world should be.


And spread the word.

never trust social media


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Here is a fun tale from the trenches of harvesting social data.

On June 9th, @waglington tweeted a dream that @dreamb0t picked up. In fact the tweet was quite popular (gaining 23 RT’s and 250 favorites).

What happened next is interesting:

absurd one-time spike in dreams of "groceries" -- due entirely to sock puppets

absurd one-time spike in dreams of “groceries” — due entirely to sock puppets

Over the next 5 hours, over 80 relatively inconspicuous users sent identical tweets, using the exact same text as @waglington only without the comma. This set off all my alarms for trend breaks (spikes) in dream language, prompting me to look more deeply into the remarkable pool of identical dreamers. The 83 accounts do have profile images and unrelated (cars, bridges, whatever) header images, and from time to time, each picks a popular public tweet and tweets it as if it were original.

Each word above is a link to one such tweet. If you pick one of these users that mechanically tweeted this, you find that their stream is, in fact, entirely comprised of these “stolen tweets:” something attracts enough attention somewhere, and suddenly entire pools of users are triggered to repeat it. It’s clearly software-driven, and actually this is one of the least sophisticated agents I’ve found.

What Is This?

Recall that details emerged very publicly last year of programs within the NSA and GCHQ to influence online dialogues and sway public opinion. What would something like that look like?

It would look like a piece of software that used some tricks to appear to be human: say funny/interesting things from time to time (what’s “funny?” Whatever other people are responding to with “lol”, etc.). That’s chiefly what the software does: create myriad identities, and “maintain” them all, so that there is a track record of activity, maybe even some interests about which the account tends to tweet.

These identities are called sock puppets.


When a corporate interest wants to shape a dialogue, or intelligence agencies want to push a people into revolution, these pools of identities can be leveraged to respond critically to anyone with a dissenting opinion, so that a quick twitter search reveals that most people seem to think X, and people who don’t think that are taking a verbal beating. Peer pressure is as effective online as it is anywhere else.

None of this is new; researchers have identified many separate puppet armies, including state-sponsored and military, and studies have even been done on their efficacy. Once this particular pool of agents tripped my dream alarms, I figured I might as well share the news.

And hey, now that you’ve seen a group of sock puppets for yourself, you won’t have to take it personally next time someone attacks you online. Take everything with several grains of salt.


from the ashes: dreams of jenner [update 2]


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Yesterday we experienced another massive surge of a symbol in the collective consciousness. The last time this happened, it didn’t seem to matter where you put your attention: there was a white-or-gold dress — and people dreamed about it. This time, it was “Jenner.” Actually, Jenner in a dress.

By mid-morning I was tired of hearing the word “Jenner” and actively avoiding any images from Vanity Fair. Which was nigh impossible, and still is. Even this afternoon (Tuesday), over 24 hours later, every mainstream news sites I try has the vanity fair cover on it: cnn, msnbc, yahoo and google news to name/screenshot a few. But by last night, it became clear that something significant is going on.

New readers should bear in mind the distinction between content and process. This post has nothing to do with Jenner–the content. It has to do with the process of any name/image/archetype being blasted into the collective human psyche at decidedly unhealthy levels.

Having said that, let’s back up and review events leading up to this.

Rising Vibes of a Jenner Frenzy

Looking at the dream graph, we see that “jenner” has been at increased levels (roughly double the “background” levels associated with being reality television stars, perhaps) for the last 6 weeks or so:

dream graph of "jenner", as of 2015.06.02

dream graph of “jenner”, as of 2015.06.02

Bruce’s name was blasted out in the media after a car accident in early February, which caused some activity (the first spike), but it wasn’t until late April, when he “came out” on 20/20 (and interestingly even spoke to his dreams…), that the nature of dreams specifically involving Bruce starts to change: we see recurring dreams of him, even dreams predicting the vanity fair image, but more significantly, dreams about being transgender:

Leading up to the release, one self-described ‘psychic dreamer’ shared her dream:

She is correct — although it happens to everyone.

it begins

At this point, the scene was set: the meme was primed and resonating in the collective conscious. Then, with the full moon, the name and images of an entirely new identity were released, and a craze began.

Some dreamers attribute their dream to the intense media coverage:


source: google news

And intense it has been! Beyond the barrage of headlines (see right) from the controlled media, we saw:

This assault on our psyche has manifested in our dreams. Unlike with the relatively simple dress, however, it’s not fair to say that the resulting dreams this time are of Bruce/Caitlyn. Look at the kinds of relationships between the dreamer and this new identity: here we see dreamers witnessing the actual transformation, dreamers feeling from camaraderie to even an extremely intense love with the new identity, and even those who dream of being this new identity:

engineering new characters within the human psyche

The “I love her so much” above is particularly striking. This person didn’t exist yesterday, and now is intensely loved. There’s a lot going on here; this level of engineering characters within the human psyche is frankly quite spooky, but we can learn much from it.

What do you see in these events? Did the “Bruce Jenner involved in fatal crash” headlines kill the phoenix, only for her to be reborn burning more brightly? Is the presidency next to turn into a woman? Are we witnessing the downfall of a patriarchal world order, out of whose ashes the new world order will reign under the divine feminine?

update 2015.06.03 1am vanity fair is reporting a record number of views with 13+ million on the video, plus “The story was trending on Twitter within the first 10 minutes of being set live and on Facebook within the first 2 hours — and it continues on Day 2 to be number 1 on Facebook and number 3 on Twitter.”

update 2015.06.11

Henrik did a terrific Red Ice interview with Sofia Smallstorm about the implications of America’s Superman choosing to become a woman.

Is it spreading?


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