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On Friday, we witnessed one of the most aggressively pushed memes in some time. The image in question was a photo of a dress. You’ve seen it. We’ve all seen it.

The viral dress so viciously attacked the human psyche that I took to twitter to post a prediction — that the dress would absolutely be appearing in our dreams:

Based on what we have learned in this blog so far, when we see an archetype, symbol or meme pushed into so many people’s conscious experience, it is activated and “resonates” within the collective unconscious.

Well, “the dress” was ringing like a bell on Friday. One Texan even got it tattooed on his leg.

And so, when people went to bed, it did indeed emerge powerfully in dreamspace:

dress dreams

There are hundreds upon hundreds of these dreamtweets — @dreamb0t could barely keep up! — just a small sampling follow:

… and on, and on, far too many to share (or even be interesting to read). “Dress” rocketed to the top of the dream charts, along with “black”, “blue”, and “gold”:


Clyde Lewis did a great show about the dress as a psyop to squelch any reaction to the net neutrality vote. Perhaps a stretch, given that the image was said to have been some tumblr post that went viral ‘organically’ — but then, when I see the media conflating the two (and hailing net neutrality), “What net neutrality and that dress have in common: They’re what the internet was meant to be”, it’s certainly pretty bizarre. [Obviously net neutrality is not what the internet is about, net neutrality is more corporate/fascist control over information, but you can (and should, and probably have) read about that plenty of other places.]

This is not the first time we’ve seen active memes “bleed” in to each other. I also noted this when ISIS supported the Ferguson protesters.

could we have seen it coming?

Over the last month, there had been an increasing trend in dreams involving dresses. The daily chart above is too fine-grained to detect, but here is one using weekly data. Note the uptrend in the last 4 weeks leading up to the explosion this week:

dress dreams -- by week

Sure, there are some other reasons people might have been dreaming about dresses. Fashion is always a hot topic around in awards season; earlier this week, as well, one Oscar dress was stolen and returned from Lupita Nyong’o’s hotel room, and apparently returned today.

But even then, this month of “rising vibes of a dress frenzy” is significant. It broke out 200% over two weeks leading up to the “dress event,” which is much greater variance than the term usually sees. The next step for this project is really to compare changes in dream frequencies against historical variances for a given term/concept. Then we could sound an alarm when some usually innocuous term like “dress” starts creeping up — before it even manifests. Makes me want to work full-time on this project…

llamas too

The other internet meme that was hyped up in western media was something about llamas. Sure enough, we saw an unprecedented leap in llama dreams:

llama dreams

For now, cheers, and much love.

decoding the revelation of the method


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It’s been a heavy week.

The revelation of the method continues: for those who have eyes to see it, much truth is being leaked to the masses right now.

Finding truth amongst the lies

As I mentioned days ago, the controlled western media is outwardly crumbling. This trend has continued this week, as the Daily Telegraph’s chief political commentator has resigned, accusing it of “fraud on its readers” over its coverage of HSBC’s completely criminal operations, calling it a “most sinister development:”

The coverage of HSBC in Britain’s Daily Telegraph is a fraud on its readers. If major newspapers allow corporations to influence their content for fear of losing advertising revenue, democracy itself is in peril.

— Peter Oborne, former chief political commentator at the Daily Telegraph

But it’s not just the massive, fascist propaganda engine that is being revealed.

Yesterday, the CIA chief accused Russia of manipulating weather globally. Most people remain clueless about anything related to geoengineering, so to see this in the controlled media is almost certainly an indication that the cryptocracy is deliberately pushing this information out there.

In fact, think about everything we’ve seen out of the mainstream media in the last week, bearing in mind that it is now nothing more than the mouthpiece of the establishment:

Look, I’m not personally holding my breath for Putin to release powerfully damning satellite images from 9/11, but the fact is that all of the above are being discussed in mainstream news sources within the last week. It’s as if the system wants to shove this all in people’s faces.

Actually, that is exactly the case.

The system of domination and control is, by nature, a psychopathic system, and this is an example of behavior that really demonstrates that. It is a classic sociopathic behavior called normalizing, where one broadcasts one’s own sick behavior in order to desensitize those who witness it. This drives the sheeple further into apathy, while those who are awake to the system are openly mocked by its audacity.

This is an example of mass mind control:

Revelation of the Method concerns mind control in the last stages and at a high level. When you tell someone what you are doing to them – murder, mayhem, kidnap, rape, you name it – and they do nothing to stop you or protect themselves, you have created a doubly enslaved subject.

writes Michael Hoffman, who continues:

The Cryptocracy carries out “cereal” murder crimes attended by archetypal signs and symbols which the dreaming mind of the Group Mind groks at a certain level. Next they confess in the Videodrome that it is the police and the authorities who are behind the crimes. Then they let the whole stew percolate into the psyche of the masses until the next covert sting operation.

This is partly why we have the least revolutionary and most passive population in recent memory. I’m not advertising the invincibility or genius of the Cryptocracy. They are succeeding by default and by dint of their great gambler’s instincts. It’s a huge risk to reveal to people what you’ve done to them. Somebody who can decode this for the masses can short circuit it and turn it against the Cryptocracy.

Are you decoding?

explosions in the script


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A quick post today to share a perspective on some of the interesting events in media, and the latest shifts in dream language.

in media

The edifice of the corporate controlled media is visibly decaying. Experts appearing on the news are reluctant to speak the truth: last week, the CEO of Gallup told CNBC that he might “suddenly disappear” for telling the truth about Obama’s unemployment rate:

This sort of things happens from time to time, is aired, but never repeated; it is simply immediately swallowed in the memory hole of the 24-hour news cycle.

Like two months ago, when T. Boone Pickens wasn’t letting CNBC’s staff spew any “bullshit,” and finally raged, “I’m the expert, not you!” (at the 6-minute mark):

Recall Dylan Ratigan’s near breakdown on MSNBC shortly before he “left” the network (this is back in 2003):

This year, we are seeing media personalities drop like flies, to be replaced by new robots eager to tote the establishment agenda down the next leg of fascism:

  • Jon Stewart announced that he will be leaving the daily show this year, after anchoring the show since 1999.

  • Leno was dismissed last year after his libertarian leanings seemed to stand out too much. He was replaced by Jimmy Fallon, whose first guest was Michelle Obama, pimping healthcare. There is very little political commentary/jokes like we saw with Leno. It’s painfully clear, watching Fallon, that he will go along with whatever is asked of him. In fact, it’s painful watching Fallon. Actually, best not to watch any of this drivel, but interesting to observe the messages coming out of it, programming the uncritical.

  • David Letterman is also retiring in 2015, after 22 years on the job.

  • Of course, Brian Williams was temporarily benched by NBC after a hugely distracting (and disproportionate) level of noise in the media, but that may just all be for show.

Why would John Stewart step down from the position from which most young liberals get their news? Are things changing beyond the scenes, and/or is an event coming on which Stewart and Letterman don’t want to comment?

Meanwhile, there is widespread discussion of evidence that a tactical nuclear weapon was used at Donetsk, while most media reports that it was a “dropped cigarette butt” at a chemical plant. You won’t see any video of the flash on western media (but you can see it here).

Puppet News Network

Perhaps we are getting too close to war to be a laughing matter, and the state is rapidly replacing any established news personalities with vapid, disposable, generic talking heads who will read the teleprompter and get out of the way. Or, perhaps, this is just what happens as the lingering minority of people that still watch dinosaur media start to finally figure out that it’s all a bunch of bollocks, and it’s time to move on.

in dreams

Social dream language has been trending towards the bizarre and more violent. Take a look at all the dreams about bombs in this last few days:

And there are many more quite explosive dreams — more than usual.

So what?

We continue to be collectively fed the script that leads to the multipolar NWO. There will soon be a “theater of war” to convince us that the BRICS are the good guys, saving the world from the death throes of the collapsing Anglo-American empire (this is already “playing out” on the “world stage” as “experts” warn of grave repercussions if Greece turns to Russia); it is but a Hegelian dialectic–problem, reaction, solution–to ensure the new multipolar order is welcomed by the sheeple. The BRICS are ultimately controlled by the same establishment.

Do not be fooled by the production, and prepare for the explosions that are appearing in our dreams and approaching quickly in the script.

announcing @dreamb0t


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Several folks have asked me if it would be possible to obtain a more real-time view into dream data as it is harvested. Allow me to introduce @dreamb0t!

Dreamb0t retweets a portion of the dreams collected from twitter for your enjoyment. It’s a view into our collective unconscious–albeit certainly one distorted by technical limitations of a service like twitter.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions at @hackdeeper.

Hope you enjoy.


dreams of the pontiff


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Pope Francis on Rolling Stone

Pope Francis on Rolling Stone

We are witnessing the first significant spike of 2015 in social dream language, and it one of the largest observed yet.

The number of dreams about the pope is off the charts.

I’ll be completely honest: what this means, I have no sweet clue, but it is the clearest indicator I’ve seen in a while.

The pope is making headlines today by stating that Catholics need not, in fact, reproduce like rabbits, speaking rather directly to the depopulation agenda. He made other headlines today by saying that man continuously slaps nature in the face.

pope dream trend data as of 1/19/2015

pope dream trend data as of 1/19/2015

These aren’t altogether that crazy for Pope Francis; this is a guy who is advancing the agenda of the controllers constantly: on baptizing aliens, unifying all religions, and pretty much anything else you can imagine.

But for some reason, the last 3 days have seen an unprecedented increase in dream activity involving the pontiff. There are literally too many to include in this post, but just for a quick sampling of those within the last 24 hours, take a look:

Any thoughts on what this might mean? Get in touch.



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Frequently in my posts I refer to newsmaps as a quick visualization of the headlines coming out of western media (see here, here, and here). These provide great insight into what the corporate media is feeding the collective unconscious on a given day.

The newsmap site, available at newsmap.jp, uses the data from google news to render boxes representing the current headlines. The larger a box is, the more people are reading it (it’s called a treemap, and can be a very effective visualization for some data). The site is available for a number of countries (see below), allowing one to quickly get an idea of what is being served up throughout western media.

There is, however, no mechanism in the tool to go “back in time” and view a newsmap from a previous date: it pulls from google news, and renders what it gets.

france newsmap 20150108

france newsmap 20150108

Several years ago as an art project I began taking a daily screenshot of the newsmaps from 15 different countries and uploading these images to flickr. As my understanding of reality has deepened, though, this data has evolved into a powerful tool, used to watch over time as the media engine feeds memes and symbols into our collective awareness, impacts our psyche, and then flushes each event down the memory hole by introducing a new trauma. To the right, you can see that today’s newsmap from France is dominated by the Charlie Hebdo attack, even as Asia Air fades away.

The 15 international perspectives the tool affords on the western media are the following:

Like the dream data, I firmly believe this data needs to be available to all of us. Knowledge is, after all, power — the more of us that are aware of the subliminals and predictive programming that permeates the media, the less effective the dark cabal of social engineers will be at manifesting their desired reality.

So spread the word.


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