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From time to time, I find it helpful to shift my attention from my own personal experience to the larger energetic context and the ideas and memes that are propagating through the collective conscious.  This is especially true when multiple, clearly coordinated psy-ops are working overtime to push human consciousness into fear mode.


Weeks ago, images from a fake beheading video made the front page of newspapers across the entire globe.  Consider the number of people who witnessed that image and shuddered as they imagined the situation.  Make no mistake, this production is a direct and brutal propagandistic assault on our collective conscious.  It is so powerful that it motivated me to start this blog to consciously counteract the fear being generated.

Indeed, in the wake of these images, the powers that be are hard at work to disseminate fear:

For those who have eyes to see, the scripting here is frustratingly blatant.  This is predictive programming and causal engineering at its ‘finest.’

My next post (and perhaps this blog) will look further into this, consider the significance and the timing, further analyze how our shared dream-as-a-reality has been hijacked by black magician psychopaths, and discuss how we can all get it back and manifest heaven.