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In this, the first post of the “Do Your Homework” series, I introduce two great minds who followed a path through science to spirituality.

water-dropBruce Lipton, who is well known in spiritual circles for his books including “The Biology of Belief,” is a stem cell biologist who, through making observations within our modern reductionist scientific model, inferred consciousness at the cellular level.

Thomas Campbell was a physicist with NASA who worked also with Robert Monroe of the Monroe Institute on studies into consciousness and the nature of reality.  Given his background as a physicist, his experiences led him to devise a new “Big Theory Of Everything (TOE),” about which he writes and speaks.

In this video, Tom and Bruce sit down and discuss their experiences.  It is fascinating and enlightening to see that pursuing a specific field of scientific inquiry to its logical end with an appropriately open mind (like a true scientist) ultimately results in a holistic change in belief systems and a spiritual awakening.

I highly recommend you explore their writings and other videos.  For a unified theory, “My Big TOE” is actually quite accessible!  😉