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Watching “ebola” explode in dream language is hugely, actionably informative for a number of reasons.  This data alone clearly demonstrates we can learn a lot about what is on our collective mind from social dream data.

I have sampled all sorts of takes on ebola beyond the disgusting fear campaign by the corporate mainstream media:  Alex Jones’ “it’s worse than they say“, Clyde Lewis’ “this is really weird” esoteric analysis, and finally came Zen Gardner’s “how to remain above it all.”  But all seem somewhat superficial in that they are completely missing the point here.  What we are seeing transpire before our eyes is much more than an actual virus.

children in front of ebola billboard

children in front of ebola billboard

It is a massive psychic attack on humanity, on the order of 9/11:  because of the incessant media coverage throughout the west, billions of people have been exposed to the idea of ebola, if not the virus itself.  Many have been infected with fear.

We see this reflected in the massive number of ebola-related dreams.  It is unlike a traumatic terror attack, though; it is an ongoing existential threat.  Think about all that changed after 9/11 — the war on terror, the new attitude towards Muslims, the police state — and ask yourself what will change as a result of this new threat?

I fear we have only seen the beginning of “the war on ebola,” and as always with these things, I suspect that war will have far more disastrous consequences than the problem itself.