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Ebola has continued to dominate in the social dream data this week.  Beyond that, the weather report for dream language is pretty unremarkable.  I did note that NYC had a daily bump on 10/22, just before the announcement of the ebola case there, but actually fell immediately afterward.  It seems as if that case may have been a production by TPTB–it has esoteric and numerological fingerprints all over it, the facts have been inconsistent from report to report (as with all psyops), and now even the identity of the doctor is questioned by his neighbor–but in any case, fewer people are since dreaming about NYC.  Hopefully that means there will be no outbreak.  We shall see:

the data

Biggest week-over-week upticks in dream language:

  • neighbor 878%
  • patient 527%
  • international 468%
  • ireland 351%
  • assassin 349%
  • happier 340%
  • satan 293%
  • vampire 263%
  • airborne 176%
  • india 151%

Significant break-outs:

  • Singapore

the process

Currently the service is harvesting tweeted dreams from roughly 200-300k people a day.  After filtering, some of those are assembled into the graph of dream language.  The amount of data required that I migrate the system to a new server this past week; this week I intend to introspect the data further and start developing some web-based metrics.  Time is short though 😉

The twitter data must be qualified, as it seems reasonable to expect that some people might dream about their mother and not share such a personal dream, whereas those who dream about ebola–which is on every news channel and thus on everyone’s mind–may be more likely to share a dream about such a “pop” topic. The dreams that are shared on social media may also be the most fantastical, weirdest, or entertaining.

This week I hope to add additional, less “casual” data sources to the DreamCatcher:  reddit and the NDC, which are both explicitly for sharing dream experiences.