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On Tuesday, the NDC issued a warning for Hawaii. I don’t have any data to speak to that. It may just be people are dreaming about Hawaii because many people are thinking about it by day, and there are certainly many eyes on Pahoa. It is worth noting also because it seems somewhat synchronistic, as I am witnessing a substantial uptick in dream language on dreams.props.org involving a different term: tsunami.


To date I have only discussed trends in dream language, but now that the trend data is available publicly and anyone can see that tsunami is up 300% in the past two weeks, today I want to share some specific examples behind that data.

Bear in mind, you can just as easily look for earthquake dreams as tsunami dreams. Heck, here’s a dreamtweet about an earthquake AND 9/11:

Dafuq indeed. Actually, past, current events, and possible futures are often mixed in dreams. Here’s a similar temporal setup:

So, finding and quoting a single tweeted dream about something is actually not that impressive. It can be quite fun! But clearly, neither of those dreams individually proves anything (except, perhaps, what a fascinating and strange source of data this is…).

In fact, both earthquakes and tsunamis have been symbols in dreams since time immemorial, and it is even common for people to tweet about both from time to time. So, what is significant here is not that someone, somewhere, had a dream about a tsunami. It is that lots of people, everywhere, are dreaming about tsunamis suddenly over the last 2 weeks.

The dreams are from all over geographically (Chicago, Singapore, Arizona, London). Some even indicate they are having recurring tsunami dreams:

and the latest tsunami dreams are for the most part quite frightening and confusing:

So, the obvious question is: what does this mean?

I will explore this in the next post, and in the meantime, by all means, I welcome your thoughts.