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There are many intriguing archetypes and memes that are currently perceivably propagating through the collective unconscious.  Three of particular interest are also showing up in dream language lately:  vampires, blood, and the gates of hell.


Now, I mentioned somewhat tongue-in-cheek on Halloween that blood dreams were up 339% week over week in social dream language, but that post was chiefly to launch the dream data site at dreams.hackdeeper.org.

That boost of blood-related dreams has sustained, and is hard to ignore given that dreams involving vampires are up 209% week over week. But before we look at that, let me step back and explain what I mean by an idea or symbol bouncing around the collective unconscious.

identifying symbols that are “resonating” in reality

As you study archetypes and the symbolic language of dreams and the subconscious, you can’t help but start to identify patterns emerging in reality itself. Let’s take a look at an easy symbol as a reference point: the gates of hell. I will restrict the domain to just this year, 2014. Take a look at how and where the idea has emerged this year:

“gates of hell” in world headlines

So we see that this symbol was very much invoked in the global consciousness by all kinds of media, and promoted by the controlled western media. Biden didn’t just randomly make that up, it is very carefully scripted by social engineers. Why? Because when the V-POTUS uses a phrase like that, people hear it. Lots of people. It gets into their heads, and transitively, into the collective unconscious. Just take a look at the spike in search volume for “gates of hell” in Google trends:

Google Trends:  Gates of Hell

Spike (A) in searches for “Gates of Hell” after Biden made his 9/3 remarks

Indeed, events on the world “stage” are scripted to invoke deep, subconscious reactions from the masses. Part of the reason one must hack deeper and study all aspects of reality is to avoid being manipulated and controlled in the “theater of war.” FDR’s quote on this comes to mind:

In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.

— Franklin D. Roosevelt

Biden and Hamas hit headlines around the world, but even Facebook users who pay no attention to world events saw this one:

Given all this talk of the gates of hell opening, you might expect that people are dreaming about the gates of hell. You would be correct:


We can see (as we have with ebola) that when a symbol is pushed into the collective unconscious, it manifests in our dreams. But it doesn’t stop there.

egregores and tulpas

What happens when an idea or symbol is activated deep within the human psyche, and so many people focus their thoughts on it? That thoughtform is empowered, and becomes an egregore. With enough attention and energy, it can actually manifest–ie, appear in reality. This is called a tulpa, a materialized thought that has taken physical form, and it is very real.

So, people are hearing about the gates of hell opening on the news: TV, print/online headlines, mainstream and alternative media. They’re searching for “gates of hell” on google. They’re dreaming about the gates of hell. Surely that can’t manifest in reality, can it?

It can.

  • On Monday, CBS aired Michio Kaku’s latest histrionics, describing the polar vortex, “It’s headed our way, and we are in the bullseye. This weekend it’s going to plow into Alaska, creating fifty foot waves. Then, by midweek, all hell breaks loose:

The “opening of the gates of hell” meme is in full force right now. Having fully explored it, let’s return to the more recent development.

vampires and blood

Dream language involving both vampires and blood has been increasing at statistically significant rates recently. The symbols are also active in western media:

What possible reason would the establishment have for empowering the idea of vampires? Hint. [Remember that not all vampires turn into bats and drink blood–there are also psychic vampires. Energetic vampirism is very real and unfortunately the way things seem to be on this planet right now…]

Update: Clyde Lewis did an amazing show exploring the vampires psychic and otherwise.

P.S. In my last post I promised to share some thoughts on the meanings of the large number of tsunami dreams. I still intend to do so, because I got some great feedback from readers (many of whom had themselves had a tsunami dream in the last few weeks), soon…