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The funny thing about keeping an eye on and posting trends in social dream language is that I don’t actually get to choose what I talk about. I’m as sick of hearing about Ferguson as you must be. But, that’s what the western media’s 24/7 news cycle is pushing, and so that’s what we’re dreaming about.

20141129 newsmap.jp for US:  focus on ferguson, with a hat tip to ebola

20141129 newsmap.jp for US: focus on ferguson, with a hat tip to ebola

This week, coverage is focused exhaustively and almost exclusively on Ferguson. As I publish this, the front page of CNN and the top of google news are both dedicated to Darren Wilson’s announcement of his resignation (I refuse to even link to them–you can find it); the newsmap at right, generated just before this latest aspect of the continued distraction, is also illustrative of the incessant barrage of coverage on Ferguson.


graph of weekly dream language trend for “protest”

Suffice to say, those who control the media want us thinking about racial division, protests/riots, and the police state. How has all the media focus on Ferguson manifested in our dreams?

Unsurprisingly, many people are dreaming about protests (see graph) and “cops” (up 220%). Some people are even dreaming specifically about Ferguson:

So, the media is clearly succeeding at pushing this divisive spirit into the collective unconscious, and as long as that continues, we will see protests further harden the police state.

Ferguson and the Blood meme

After my long post on the symbols of vampires and blood and how the cryptocracy has literally weaponized the human psyche, I took notice when the blood/vampire memes were twice associated with the Ferguson protests this week.

First, in NYC, a protester threw fake blood on the NYPD Chief; this was reported widely and heavily.

Then, on Wednesday ISIS pledged to send “blood-drinking warriors” to support the Ferguson protesters.  If you think about it, this is some peak level ridiculousness from the establishment western media:  it is well-documented by now that it is the CIA funding and supplying ISIS.  Given the agents provocateur that riddled the occupy protests (I saw this first-hand, and all sorts of crazy DHS plots have since been made public) and the way this whole event has been scripted and promoted by the media, it’s clear that many of the violent protesters are also state-sponsored.

That wasn’t the only link from the Middle East to Ferguson — Obama himself invoked Ferguson in his speech to the UN about violent extremism.

When the Daily Mail runs the headline “ISIS supports Ferguson protesters: Islamic militants pledge to send over ‘soldiers that don’t sleep, whose drink is blood, and their play is carnage'”, and the DHS is controlling the response so fully that the governor of MO is left speechless as he suffers through press conferences, I basically see one psy-op giving a high-five to another psy-op. That’s why it’s peak ridiculousness–imagine a shadowy group of black ops propagandists in a smokey room, engineering these campaigns of ideas and symbols. There’s a special place in hell…

It’s just sheer ridiculousness.  I remind myself, this is what is required to wake up humanity. So, enough of that for now.

At any rate, that’s not the only news item that invokes “blood” and vampiricism:

The blood/vampire meme is still very active

The list of headlines goes on, but the infiltration of the blood/vampire meme actually extends beyond headlines in the news; it is continuing to make its way into our culture. I was also astounded to find that the Daily Californian ran a story called Blood is the New Black, which you really have to read to believe. It basically promotes vampirism, and I quote, “blood has become the substance everyone wants in his or her fangs“, and “blood is having a renaissance.”

Suffice to say, this blood/vampire meme is still very much activated in the human psyche, and the establishment is pushing this meme.


The holidays afford an interesting window into how current “daytime” events can influence our dreams. I myself had a Thanksgiving dream last week. I wasn’t alone:


turkey dreams


thanksgiving dreams

biggest trend breakouts in dream language, 2014-11-28.

biggest trend breakouts in dream language, 2014-11-28.

Thanksgiving is still showing among the top of the long-term trend-breakers on dreams.hackdeeper.org, up 772% week-over-week (355% in 2-wk periods, as shown in image).

This is to be expected: around Thanksgiving, people dream about the holiday and things related to it like turkey (up 276%), hunger (274%), family (mama up 257%), and dinner (up 328%). Even Christmas got a boost (up 216%).

So, clearly, what we experience by day affects what we dream about. We don’t really need data to confirm that, we’ve all experienced it.

However, this is something we need to take into account if we intend to look for predictive patterns in dream data. You need to “factor out” the influence of daytime experiences, to the extent that it is possible (and indeed, it is entirely non-deterministic). The holidays cause a lot of energy and focus to be directed to these ideas, and sure enough, they show up in our dreams.