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protesters clash with cops in hong kong

protesters clash with cops in hong kong

Within a day of yesterday’s post on Ferguson and vampiric protesters, the government of Hong Kong has just shut down after protesters surrounded government buildings and clashed with police there. This is the predictive value of studying the symbols and memes that are active in our collective subconscious through dreams! Here again, we see what happens when the idea of a protest is so thoroughly covered in the media, and transitively, so fully activated in the human psyche.

graph of weekly dream language trend for "protest"

graph of weekly dream language trend for “protest”

One reader mentioned that if protests are active in the collective unconscious and appearing in dreams, we should see them globally, not just in Ferguson.

Indeed, beyond Hong Kong, the following are just some of this week‘s headlines from around the world:

  • In Hong Kong, police have clashed with pro-democracy activists who shut down the government.
  • In Pakistan, PressTV reports that opposition leader Imran Khan has threatened to paralyze the country with anti-government demonstrations
  • In Russia, thousands gathered to protest health reforms which include plans to close hospitals and cut jobs
  • In Japan, two protesters were badly injured by cops in riot gear
  • In Egypt, protests have erupted after a court decided to drop criminal charges against Mubarek, killing two.
  • In the UK, Barclays branches were forced to close after pro-Palestine activists staged sit-ins across the country.
  • In Syria, protests broke out in Douma for the first time in two years.
  • In the West Bank, Israeli forces fired tear gas at protesters.
  • In Lebanon, rage-fueled protesters armed with tomatoes and eggs took to the streets of Beirut.
  • In South Africa, the High Court in Johannesburg banned activists from protesting in Woolworths stores.
  • In Australia, hundreds of protesters, some wearing masks depicting G20 leaders convened in Brisbane outside the G20 economic conference.
  • In New Zealand, thousands of protesters gathered across the islands to rally against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) (which is a terrible piece of “corporate legislation” and threat to national sovereignty).
  • In Mexico, hundreds of protesters occupied a police academy in one of many actions across the nation; some groups were large enough to trap bus drivers.

Yes, verily, I say, there is a wave of protests across the globe. There has been growing unrest around the world over the last decade; it seems to be experienced in “waves.” The occupy wave was a peak, and Ferguson is being used to push a new wave into our collective awareness (and unconscious!). As with occupy, thousands of protesters around the world rallied in support of Ferguson in Canada, in London, Hong Kong, and Palestine.