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Something is up with cinemas this month in social dream language. I am seeing a sustained spike leading into the Christmas holiday.

As a reminder, the “Sony hackers” threatened 9/11-style attacks at opening of ‘The Interview’. This has been widely covered. Also in the news are expected attacks on the UK over this holiday, but I don’t see this reflected in the dream language at all.

So, perhaps, skip the movie this Christmas.

Update: before I could even post this, news breaks of a shooting in an Atlanta movie theater. I still wouldn’t be surprised if we saw something more at a cinema: the scripting around Sony and North Korea has been extensive, “cinema” dream language continues to present itself on twitter, and even the Aurora shooting has been injected in the headlines this week.

Let’s take a look at some of the dreams involving cinema, many of which also involve violence and fighting:

After a month of relative inactivity, there has also been an uptick in ebola dreams.

Be safe this holiday. Keep your eyes–and your mind–open, and remember to swallow–not inhale–your eggnog.