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Before the holiday I posted about the surge of dreams about cinemas. Although a few weird things did happen here and there–like the following:

us newsmap 20141218

us newsmap 20141218

us newsmap 20141219

us newsmap 20141219

–nonetheless, I think the dreams about ‘cinema’ are at this point easily attributable to the focused barrage of coverage by all western media:

For a week, all we have heard about is Sony, North Korea hacked in, wait no it didn’t, but who cares, the Interview is making a ton of money! See the US newsmaps at right to get a feeling for how disproportionate the attention is. This collective focus on it largely explains the corresponding increase in associated dream language with “movies” and “cinema”.



There is also an independent trend of academia: “professor” and “teacher” are both up significantly this week. As well, “class” is at an all-time high, “school” and “semester” are trending, and even “dean” is up 204% this week.

With any luck, this means humanity is collectively learning some hard lessons right now.


Ebola is popping off again, but this demands a full post with details. I am working on it, even as the Nikkei surrenders early gains on suspected Ebola case in Japan, and the first case is announced in Scotland.