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As mentioned briefly in my last posts, ebola has made a big return in social dream language over these last two weeks.

Returning readers are aware that, for some time now, I have had my eye on the frequency of dreams involving ebola.

First, let’s take a look at some of the dreams from twitter that have registered on the dream language data just this week. These include (but are not limited to — this one is particularly noteworthy) the following:

Dreams about Ebola This Week

These are the latest dreams, continuing the growing trend of dreams about ebola on twitter.

This week, the media resumes Ebola meme

On 12/24, I wrote a post indicating that ebola dreams had, rather suddenly, returned. Since that post, the establishment media has once again started to pump out the ebola meme and to reintroduce fears about ebola.

Take a look in particular at the continuity language in the recent headlines:

The “czar” is echoing the words of Obama himself — remember that in the thick of the early November media craze over ebola, Obama openly announced that the round of ebola was a trial run:

The CDC accidentally exposed scientists in an Atlanta lab on the 24th.

There is a Cover-Up

This past week, a respected investigative journalist for FOX confirmed what whistleblowers have been reporting to alternative media for weeks now, that federal officials and corporate media are conspiring to cover up thousands of possible ebola cases in the US. This surge in dreams likely points towards the likelihood of this fact being widely revealed in the establishment media rather soon.

Just today, two announcements were made of ebola cases around the world: one in Japan, which sent the Nikkei tumbling, and one in Scotland, which was directly predicted in a dream on twitter!

So, we noticed a marked increase in ebola dreams a week ago, this week we saw the corporate western media coverage laying the groundwork (“preparing for”, “more domestic cases expected”, …) for more.

And now, today, we’re getting it.

Expect more.

Now, if we only had a dream that linked Obama and Ebola to the recent cinema meme…



Stay safe and healthy in, and all the best for, the new year. Cheers.

Update: another hint of the coming disclosure of more ebola in the US was released just after I published this post. Here we go: Unconfirmed Rumor: Five Patients with Ebola-like Symptoms in New York City in the Epoch Times. …see you in 2015.