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Frequently in my posts I refer to newsmaps as a quick visualization of the headlines coming out of western media (see here, here, and here). These provide great insight into what the corporate media is feeding the collective unconscious on a given day.

The newsmap site, available at newsmap.jp, uses the data from google news to render boxes representing the current headlines. The larger a box is, the more people are reading it (it’s called a treemap, and can be a very effective visualization for some data). The site is available for a number of countries (see below), allowing one to quickly get an idea of what is being served up throughout western media.

There is, however, no mechanism in the tool to go “back in time” and view a newsmap from a previous date: it pulls from google news, and renders what it gets.

france newsmap 20150108

france newsmap 20150108

Several years ago as an art project I began taking a daily screenshot of the newsmaps from 15 different countries and uploading these images to flickr. As my understanding of reality has deepened, though, this data has evolved into a powerful tool, used to watch over time as the media engine feeds memes and symbols into our collective awareness, impacts our psyche, and then flushes each event down the memory hole by introducing a new trauma. To the right, you can see that today’s newsmap from France is dominated by the Charlie Hebdo attack, even as Asia Air fades away.

The 15 international perspectives the tool affords on the western media are the following:

Like the dream data, I firmly believe this data needs to be available to all of us. Knowledge is, after all, power — the more of us that are aware of the subliminals and predictive programming that permeates the media, the less effective the dark cabal of social engineers will be at manifesting their desired reality.

So spread the word.