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A quick post today to share a perspective on some of the interesting events in media, and the latest shifts in dream language.

in media

The edifice of the corporate controlled media is visibly decaying. Experts appearing on the news are reluctant to speak the truth: last week, the CEO of Gallup told CNBC that he might “suddenly disappear” for telling the truth about Obama’s unemployment rate:

This sort of things happens from time to time, is aired, but never repeated; it is simply immediately swallowed in the memory hole of the 24-hour news cycle.

Like two months ago, when T. Boone Pickens wasn’t letting CNBC’s staff spew any “bullshit,” and finally raged, “I’m the expert, not you!” (at the 6-minute mark):

Recall Dylan Ratigan’s near breakdown on MSNBC shortly before he “left” the network (this is back in 2003):

This year, we are seeing media personalities drop like flies, to be replaced by new robots eager to tote the establishment agenda down the next leg of fascism:

  • Jon Stewart announced that he will be leaving the daily show this year, after anchoring the show since 1999.

  • Leno was dismissed last year after his libertarian leanings seemed to stand out too much. He was replaced by Jimmy Fallon, whose first guest was Michelle Obama, pimping healthcare. There is very little political commentary/jokes like we saw with Leno. It’s painfully clear, watching Fallon, that he will go along with whatever is asked of him. In fact, it’s painful watching Fallon. Actually, best not to watch any of this drivel, but interesting to observe the messages coming out of it, programming the uncritical.

  • David Letterman is also retiring in 2015, after 22 years on the job.

  • Of course, Brian Williams was temporarily benched by NBC after a hugely distracting (and disproportionate) level of noise in the media, but that may just all be for show.

Why would John Stewart step down from the position from which most young liberals get their news? Are things changing beyond the scenes, and/or is an event coming on which Stewart and Letterman don’t want to comment?

Meanwhile, there is widespread discussion of evidence that a tactical nuclear weapon was used at Donetsk, while most media reports that it was a “dropped cigarette butt” at a chemical plant. You won’t see any video of the flash on western media (but you can see it here).

Puppet News Network

Perhaps we are getting too close to war to be a laughing matter, and the state is rapidly replacing any established news personalities with vapid, disposable, generic talking heads who will read the teleprompter and get out of the way. Or, perhaps, this is just what happens as the lingering minority of people that still watch dinosaur media start to finally figure out that it’s all a bunch of bollocks, and it’s time to move on.

in dreams

Social dream language has been trending towards the bizarre and more violent. Take a look at all the dreams about bombs in this last few days:

And there are many more quite explosive dreams — more than usual.

So what?

We continue to be collectively fed the script that leads to the multipolar NWO. There will soon be a “theater of war” to convince us that the BRICS are the good guys, saving the world from the death throes of the collapsing Anglo-American empire (this is already “playing out” on the “world stage” as “experts” warn of grave repercussions if Greece turns to Russia); it is but a Hegelian dialectic–problem, reaction, solution–to ensure the new multipolar order is welcomed by the sheeple. The BRICS are ultimately controlled by the same establishment.

Do not be fooled by the production, and prepare for the explosions that are appearing in our dreams and approaching quickly in the script.