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There are phenomena that clearly point to the dreamlike nature of reality, and which simply can not be explained by strictly materialist, accepted science. Last week, such a phenomenon was actually presented on CNN, and even Anderson Cooper seems to be baffled.

After a tragic accident, rescuers were drawn by an inexplicable voice to pull a car out of a river, saving an 18-month old:

(I do consider this part of the revelation of the method for the controlled western media to openly report on events that should be impossible given accepted mainstream beliefs–see previous post)

You can tell these four gentlemen are quite shaken up at sharing a clairaudient experience.

Because our experience in reality is a function of our beliefs–just as it is in dreams–people who are not open to spiritual or paranormal experiences are far less likely to have these experiences. Moreover, when they do, they are often simply discounted as strange coincidences, because for them to be anything else would threaten the experiencer’s belief system and, transitively, ego. In this sense, the ego acts as the bars of the prison that enslaves humanity within deception.


This is, in fact, the case at multiple points of the awakening process.

A. True Ott wrote a thought-provoking article describing the nine veils that prevent people from seeing the truth. It is a worthwhile read, but for reference, below I have paraphrased the nine veils as he lays them out. I’m not completely in agreement with this presentation, because the awakening process is not a linear one; it is different for everyone. But this nonetheless makes for a helpful thought experiment:

  1. Politics: 10% of us will find the world of politics. We will vote and “get involved.”
  2. History: 10% of those will explore the world of history, and learn about self-governance through constitutional and common law
  3. Elites: 10% of those will conclusively discover that the world’s wealth and resources, including people, are owned by a small number of bloodline families
  4. Secret Societies: 10% of those will find that secret societies exist and use symbols and rituals to keep the masses firmly behind these veils
  5. Suppressed Technologies: 10% of those will learn that within the uppermost ranks of these secret societies, there are technologies so advanced that they are, as Richard C. Dolan describes it, a “breakaway civilization” with technological capabilities the masses can not even imagine
  6. ET/ED influence: 10% of those will discover that the elites and secret societies are actually controlled by (and worship) extra-terrestrial/extra-dimensional entities
  7. Nature of Reality: 10% of those will learn of sacred geometry and cymatics, and understand that physical reality is vibration
  8. Spirit: 10% of those will reveal that all living things are one and the same
  9. Enlightenment: 10% of those will perfect love and become one with spirit, becoming a bodhisattva

As each veil drops, and one hacks “deeper down the rabbit hole,” one’s entire belief system must change to integrate this new knowledge. And because our ego is inextricably intertwined with our belief system, each such realization threatens the ego, which raises self-defenses and tries to reject the new knowledge. Upton Sinclair said,

It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.

— Upton Sinclair

I would take this a step further: it is impossible for a man to perceive something, when his ego depends on it not being true. A doctor literally takes an oath to do no harm–it is little surprise that this makes it very difficult for them to accept that the healthcare system is a Rockefeller-funded, eugenics-based abomination.

This holds true in all professions: Facebook employees think they are hip and cool–they can’t allow the possibility that the social network is a CIA-backed operation. News anchors don’t want to admit that the mainstream news is corporate- and state-controlled propaganda. And so on, and so forth. We have to pay to live here, and the system has so thoroughly controlled every aspect of the fraudulent financial system, that nearly everyone’s identity is tied up in fraud at some level.

For this reason, when you approach knowledge, you must drop all egoic illusions and evaluate objectively. Andrew Bartzis describes this as the “sacred neutral perspective.” Only then will you break free of the glass prison of ego.

Also be cognizant of this for others, which is to say, take it easy on sheeple. Chip away at one veil at a time. Expect it to trigger their ego’s self-defenses, and just move on. We all are responsible for laying as many breadcrumbs for folks as possible, but ultimately, it is they who must also decide to hack deeper, and start putting the pieces together.