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We know that historically eclipses were regarded as hugely significant, but the surge in dreams about eclipses has demonstrated clearly that they still possess quite a power over our collective unconscious even today. Here is the chart for “eclipse” in social dream language — the solar eclipse was on March 20th:

huge surge in dreams of "eclipse" around 3/20

huge surge in dreams of “eclipse” around 3/20

Many dreams were even specifically about the “solar” eclipse:

dreams of "solar" also spiked around 3/20

dreams of “solar” also spiked around 3/20

Just to look briefly into the data, we find that some of these dreams can be described as day residue (when people think about something by day, and it then appears in their dreams) or intentional dreaming. This person, for example, set an alarm and an intention to see the eclipse — her dream reflected that intention:

On the other hand, however, we see that some people even specify they had no idea about the eclipse — these people picked up an idea that was resonating in the collective unconscious, and it manifested in their dreams:

I find it notable that both coffee and beer are spiking this week enough to show up on the dream trend boards, but am not entirely sure what to make of that.

More soon. Until then,