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Last week, an alarm was raised for dream language involving “Zayn.” I didn’t know what a “zayn” was, so I let it ride, but let’s now look closely at how and when it appeared on the dream board:

  • The term first appeared on 2015-03-21 (+175% in 72hrs)
  • One day later, it had jumped to +197% in 72hrs
  • By 3/23, Zayn appears in the medium term trends with a 251% increase week-over-week, and still rising (now +313% in 72hrs).
  • After a break, Zayn reappears on the 3/25 dream board, still up 206% week-over-week.
  • And today, after his announcement yesterday that he is leaving his band, 3/26, Zayn has had a huge pop, even from its elevated levels: up 331% over 24 hours, (now 564% week-over-week),

Here is the weekly chart for “Zayn”, you can see that there was a bump last week in anticipation of the news:


dreams (weekly) about “zayn”

This “predictive” wave is negligible next to the number of dreams we see about Zayn after his announcement. Here’s the daily graph, to get a feel for how significant the change is:

dreams (daily) about "zayn"

dreams (daily) about “zayn”

This functions as another example of a person or meme appearing in dreams shortly before it is made the focus of our collective attention, generally through the western controlled media. The same thing happened with Robin Williams, but the duration was much longer (leading up to the event, and the sustained level of dreams afterward), which makes this a more convenient example.


I also want to give a shout-out to @EllaTasm, who noticed and tweeted about the “zayn” trend!

You’re right, Ella, and good eye! Let me know if you spot any other trends.

I am processing a lot of feedback from yesterday’s post and hope to return to it soon. Until then,