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What is the most ridiculed “conspiracy theory” of all time? How confident are you in your sense of reality?


We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.

— cia director william casey

This week I followed a series of synchronicities that has taken me down a surprising path, and the more I learn, the further I am compelled to look.

First, a colleague randomly mentioned the flat earth society, which planted the seed. I looked briefly at their site, but didn’t really engage much with the idea. To be honest, I think my exact thought was, “I don’t have time to think about that nonsense,” and I closed the tab. So I don’t judge you if you now do the same.

What demands our attention (and believe me, I resisted as long as possible), however, are the signals being sent out by the system via the controlled western media:

And it’s not just politicians that are bringing up the shape of the Earth — last year, Neil DeGrasse Tyson surprised people (and contradicted NASA’s single picture of Earth from space) by announcing that Earth was actually pear-shaped (I wish I could find a non-eric dubay version. Just ignore his agenda and stop the video halfway, but do appreciate what it means for NDT, the “carl sagan 2.0” spokesperson of science, to make this declaration–it’s extremely bizarre!):

Why are they repeatedly invoking this idea? This isn’t just some random colloquialism; it is very carefully scripted, and is very much in the spirit of the revelation of the method. The meme is also kept alive by random fluff pieces that flirt with the idea, but immediately dismiss it without critical analysis.

Very sparse social dream language reveals the flat earth is still vaguely in our collective unconscious:

That said, the number of people dreaming about “earth” each week has roughly tripled over the last six months:

dreams of "earth"

dreams of “earth”

And Google Trends also indicates a slight uptrend in folks searching for “flat earth” over the last year:


so, what are you saying?

Without speaking to the shape of the earth, I can say that there is some fascinating history and information that merits your attention. Let this be a fun opportunity to take out a piece of your belief system, hermetically seal it in an alchemical vessel for analysis, away from your ego: where did it come from? who told us this, and for what motivation? If all goes well, you can put the belief right back in and walk away unscathed. But if evidence starts piling up, and flights in the Southern hemisphere are in fact disappearing off the radar, we may be due for a shift in how we relate to and understand Earth.

prof. orlando ferguson's map of the flat earth, or biblical earth

prof. orlando ferguson’s map of the flat earth/biblical earth

Mark Sargent has created a terrific series of videos called “Flat Earth Clues.” His videos have all been created and posted within the last 6 weeks.

Mark is a great example of someone recognizing a missing piece–an opportunity to contribute–and doing what they are uniquely positioned to do to further our understanding of reality (whether you call it the truth movement, or alternative history/science, etc). In one interview, he says “I set out to disprove this — do you think I sought to become a preacher of the most ridiculed conspiracy theory?” It seems he is truly following his intuition in a pursuit of passion, not ego, and that is exactly what we all need to do–immediately. This means you too!

I had to post this after today seeing both Ted Cruz’s rhetoric and Zen Gardner also mentioning it. Hope you enjoy the clues — let me know what you think. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Mark’s interview on Truth Frequency Radio:


"flat earthers" from 'illuminati card game'

“flat earthers” from ‘illuminati card game’