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Over the last 48 hours, several readers have noticed and contacted me about an item on the dream trend boards: market. Social dream language involving “markets” is currently up 362%.

There is plenty of discussion in the “truthosphere” right now about the Jade Helm operation and other preparations for a market crash and economic collapse. This begs the question: with many people dreaming of “markets,” are we [fore]seeing a market collapse in dreams?

Dreams of Markets

The superficial answer is: not really. First, “market” seems to be somewhat cyclical in dreams. Just by eyeing the chart you can tell that there has been high variance over the last month, with activity departing from the usual trend:

social dream graph for "market" as of 4/18/2015

social dream graph for “market” as of 4/18/2015

Here we see that the dream board can be a little misleading, because while “market” dreams are up, they had dropped off before, so it’s a natural rebound. This is why we must consider trends over different time intervals (and also why I was eager to make the dream graphs public).

Second, when I look into the data, I see that the word “market” is actually used to describe several different dream symbols and ideas: black market, flea market, super market [sic], local market, Boston Market (yes, the chain–it’s always alarming to me how deeply brands and corporate egregores have installed themselves in our collective psyche).

In fact, dreams of the actual stock market seem to be quite rare. They do happen:

… but then, we must remember: our collective unconscious cannot simply be queried like a database. The language of the subconscious is symbols: what would an economic collapse look like in a dream? Differently to everyone, of course, but if we look a little deeper, we can find some hints…

Money and Water

There are powerful linguistic and subconscious associations between water and money. If you have heard any of Jordan Maxwell‘s talks on language and symbols, you are familiar with his breakdown of “banks” (of a river, which guide the flow), and “currency” (the flow of the water) in “circulation” (a tie-in to blood as well). He starts in on this at 6:12 (over laughter):

This linkage extends deeper than you might think: we have liquid assets, cash flow, mortgages are underwater, and on and on. This is a strong connection that is not only established firmly at the linguistic level, but is reinforced and maintained in the pop “mainstream” news with terms like bail-out. Take a look at these recent headlines:

The list continues: ripples and ripple effect (ny times). When people spend big, they “make it rain“, and “spend like water.”

We often hear about the coming tsunami of debt, and in fact, just yesterday, F. William Engdahl wrote a piece The Next Financial Tsunami Just Began in Texas.

Consider how deeply this has been embedded in our collective psyche. Look at the bold terms above. When we learn a new concept like “bail-out,” we don’t generally stop to think about why this term is being used. We simply accept the newest parts of language, the contract that allows us to communicate with those around us. Yet the term has a profound impact on how we absorb the associated new concept and integrate it into our belief system, and can subconsciously resonate with other symbols.

The cryptocracy is pushing the Water Disaster/Collapse memes


There are a good number of alternative researchers who believe that the financial collapse towards which we are heading will be precipitated (so to speak) by a water-related disaster: a storm, tsunami, and/or flood. Is there any predictive programming that suggests this might be the case?

Yes, in fact, the subliminals and predictive programming around both the ideas of economic collapse and water disasters are quite dense.

We have seen currency collapse depicted in movies like “Rollover” (1981):

The concept was modernized and set to the current financial crisis (subprime mortgage instead of rich Arabs pulling the plug) in “Margin Call” (2011).

Unsurprisingly, Hollywood has churned out no shortage of films showing Manhattan demolished in various ways. Among them are tsunamis like this one, from “The Day After Tomorrow” (2004):

But are there any suggestions that these two things may be co-incident: that a water disaster and financial devastation are intertwined?

Indeed, in the 2012 Batman film, “Dark Knight Rises” (which, yes, was showing in Aurora during the shooting, and contained also references to Sandy Hook), Selena Kyle tells Bruce Wayne that a “storm is coming,” and to “batten down the hatches” [a nautical expression, literally, to seal the hatches against the waters] because “when it hits, you’re all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large, and leave so little for the rest of us.” This pulls everything together pretty nicely: a water disaster, the great economic reset, civil unrest:

This coming storm has long been planned by the cryptocracy. In fact, George W. Bush announced directly during his inaugural address that “an angel rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm“:

This kind of language is not conversational; it doesn’t really make sense to the vast majority of people watching Bush’s speech, and sort of floats by without any critical analysis. But the ruling elite are putting it right out there in front of everyone. It’s clear as day, for those with eyes to see…

So What?

To return to the popular question this week: are people dreaming of a market collapse? We have taken a bit of a long path in considering the question. So far, we have noted that:

  • Dreams speak through symbols, and we need to remember this when looking at dream language trends
  • Language informs how we integrate new ideas and concepts into our belief system
  • There is a powerful subconscious association between money and water
  • We have seen predictive programming in movies and continue to see suggestive/subliminal language in headlines describing a coming “economic storm”

The association is actively being played on by the establishment: just this week, the NY Federal Reserve announced it is moving some operations to Chicago, wary of a natural disaster in NYC.

And, we are seeing more dreams about water disasters. I mentioned last year that symbols like tsunami, flood, and storm have been increasing in social dream language. This continues. Here are some examples within just the last few days:

(It is also trivial to find individuals sharing warnings from their dreams of coming tsunamis.)

So, are these dreams related to an approaching black swan event that triggers economic disaster? Personally, I haven’t put on my booties yet, but it does seem prudent to stay prepared: mentally and spiritually, minimally. Another thought is that this “water disaster” is actually the lack of water in California’s drought, which will in turn cause huge economic problems if not food shortages. At any rate, this is one trend on which I’ll continue to keep a close eye.

What do you think? Have you had any dreams of plunging markets or giant waves?