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There are some intriguing dream language trends this week. I have highlighted some groups of trends below: violence and military (red), politics (green), geo (blue) and food (purple):

Dream Trends 4/23/2015

Dream Trends 4/23/2015

Coachella is peaking at 747%, after the festival was held over the last two weekends. There are virtually no dreams about coachella normally, which is why the spike is so statistically pronounced:

Dreams of Coachella, leading up to and during the festival

Dreams of Coachella, leading up to and during the festival

Coachella is a huge festival so I’m not surprised that people dream about it, like they do burning man.

I am, I have to admit, a little surprised that so many people are dreaming about Hillary Clinton. Indeed, what difference, at this point, does it make?

Not much, it turns out; the Sheeple latch on to a story without any critical thought whatsoever. The woman can be a criminal and psychopath, can even mock us to our faces, but the brand — the image — is still proudly worn by her followers: “I’m ready for hillary.” It’s almost frightening to encounter these people, broadcasting how out of touch with reality they are. And lest this be taken out of context, this obviously has nothing to do with liberals or conservatives or any other polarizing, divide-and-conquer nonsense. It has to do with people who look outside for authorities and saviors. If you’re waiting for your bumper sticker hero to save you, be it Hillary, Ron Paul, Jesus, or the Galactic Federation of Light, you’re in for a rude surprise: only you can fix this situation.

Fortunately, not every dream of Hillary is flattering:

characters on the world stage

It’s easy, though, to see how people become so infatuated with these characters, the “Obama”, the “Putin”, the “Hillary.” Publicly, at least, these are characters: their lines are scripted, their gaffes planned, their wardrobes prepared. It brings to mind the confession speech from “The Adjustment Bureau:”

But it goes much deeper than hiring focus groups on shoes. These “characters” play at archetypes within our subconscious and deep within the collective unconscious. Their stories–especially among their followers–are of the modern monomythical hero. This often resonates with the way we tell our own story.

Rarely is the extent to which these characters are played as evident as in a recent side-by-side comparison of those two representing the East-vs-West conflict: Putin and Obama. Mike King of TomatoBubble assembled an outstanding collection of media images of these two characters, who he describes as Macho Putin vs Girly-Boy Obama. Whatever you think of the men or their policies, the contrasting images are really fascinating when you bear in mind just how carefully cultivated and controlled these characters’ images are. If nothing else, it’s fun.

Until next post, let’s hope the red group of dreams doesn’t manifest. Cheers.