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In a recent post I described how predictive programming and subliminals are used to plant an idea or event within our unconscious, and nurture it there until it manifests in reality. This week we are seeing blogs and forums across the truthosphere pick up on an AARP commercial with the following subliminal message played in the background audio:

Riots nationwide have prompted local governments to declare martial law. The president is asking that citizens find safety and remain calm. Authorities are working to contain the outbreak.

The original video is still on AARP’s Youtube channel but they have disabled embedded playback, so here it is from Icelandic Watchman:

Today AARP added this comment to the description (and linked to a new version with a weather report instead in the background):

The pro bono ad agency that created this video used a pre-existing, fictional, vintage audio file as background noise to invoke an earlier era; it was not intended to provide any additional messaging or for any additional purpose.

We apologize for any confusion surrounding the video and hope that the audio won’t distract from the social good

This is absolute nonsense. First, find me a vintage audio file that talks about the president declaring martial law to control an outbreak, then tell me how that “invokes feelings of an earlier era.” These are all extremely current topics!

–of course they are lying, that is no surprise. But the commercial itself really is appalling, and leaves a few points to be considered.

Reverse Engineering a Mind Virus

This is a perfectly clear example of the establishment using subliminal messaging to activate ideas in the collective unconscious.


First, consider the emotional context of the commercial. It sets the stage with a mother taking care of her daughter (during which the subliminal is planted), then seals the deal with the daughter taking care of her now-elderly mother, pulling at our heart strings, and directly using the symbol of the mother. These emotions and subconscious symbols are as powerful as it gets, and are invoked while our subconscious is still absorbing the ideas of martial law, outbreak, and a search for safety.

With that in mind, look at the actual language of the message. In fact, it doesn’t even really make sense unless you realize that this is not some audio clip from a vintage news cast; this is a program–a mind virus–that is encoded into this video in a way that bypasses the viewer’s conscious mind, and is executed directly in the subconscious. This is its code:

  • riots nationwide [civil unrest]
  • prompted governments declare martial law [martial law, no option]
  • president asking citizens to find safety [executive authority, physical insecurity]
  • working to contain the outbreak [health scare]

This recipe involves many of the symbolic ingredients we monitor on this blog: civil unrest, martial law, and viral outbreaks.

Attack Successful?

This attack has been successful, like many, many like it. The vast majority of people who sit in a trance state in front of their TV and witness this will remain clueless as to the subliminal programming acting on them. Through these individuals, our collective psyche will receive an huge and quite unhealthy dose of these “ingredients” above.

Those of us who become aware of the subliminal messaging are, in fact, also talking about martial law. So it seems the cabal can really afford to be as obvious as they want, which is quite compatible with the revelation of the method; their attack is successful either way at activating the ingredients they want within our collective unconscious.

However, there is a hidden cost to the cryptocracy, and that is this: using this kind of weapon arms us with the evidence. This video is a clearer case than most of subliminal messaging, and is a smoking gun which can be used to wake up others.

Which means this attack is only successful if we fail to use it to wake up those around us.

To understand the cryptocracy’s multidimensional mind control is to inoculate yourself against it. Demonstrating it to others is not just an act of compassion. It is, in fact, the solution.

So spread the word. I mean honestly, folks, this video is ridiculous, and will inevitably push some number of people over the edge to really start questioning things. Let’s try to amplify and maximize that.