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Last week the western media pumped out stories about a biker shoot-out in Waco, Texas. You don’t have to read alternative news to notice a weird smell around this event. For one, one of the motorcycle clubs, “The Black Widows,” is totally fictitious.

In fact, the Black Widows is the name of the “biker gang” from the movie, “Every Which Way But Loose,” with Clint Eastwood. They were a Hollywood production in 1978 before they suddenly appeared in reality in Waco 37 years later.

There are plenty of great researchers throughout the truthosphere who are doing great work to expose other glaring problems in the official narrative.

Is this “biker gang” shootout just another psyop? Could this event be merely yet another card in the dark deck of the ruling cryptocracy?

"Cycle Gangs" card from Illuminati Card Game

“Cycle Gangs” card from Illuminati Card Game

Beyond Predictive Programming

I wouldn’t have thought much more about this latest nonsense, had Alex Jones not done the service of playing a clip from the film on his Sunday broadcast yesterday, which caught my ear because of the following line:

"Gates of Hell" invoked in the "Black Widows" clubhouse.  "Every Which Way But Loose" (1978)

“Gates of Hell” invoked in the “Black Widows” clubhouse.
“Every Which Way But Loose” (1978)

Whose hide are you going to nail to the gates of hell?

The gates of hell are a symbol that I have written about here before, and even use as the example of an meme or archetype resonating within the collective unconscious. The gates of hell has been strongly subconsciously associated with ISIS by Biden’s remark, “we will follow ISIL to the gates of hell.”

This isn’t predictive programming: I don’t think the gates of hell were written into a 1978 movie in anticipation of the invocation of the symbol in the last few years. But, there they were, and this synchronicity is significant to me. It indicated that there is something worth exploring here. This merits explaining the practice of synchromysticism:

Synchromysticism: The vast and noble undertaking of piecing together the occult holographic language system of the universe, in order to identify and more aptly understand the relationship between the collective consciousness of all sentient beings on earth and beyond.

In a sense, it’s no surprise that synchromysticism has links to conspiracy theory, psychedelics and occult traditions because all three are methods to deprogram oneself from cultural conditioning, a means to connect a diverse range of information and ideas, as well as a way to see the world from a more open perspective. It’s an alchemical technique to create meaning out of the chaos of current events and seemingly vapid commercial detritus that bombards us on a daily basis, and to add new layers of meaning to more enduring and celebrated works of art.

— Reid Mukai

I might prefer to simply call it “following synchronicities.” We’ll return more to synchromysticism in a future post. For now, let’s continue. Hearing the gates of hell mentioned by the black widows, I looked a bit deeper into the name/symbol black widow.

The Black Widows is also the name of a group of Chechen terrorist suicide operatives. In fact, their name was widely broadcast across establishment media during the Boston bombing:

ABC news article 4/19/13 linking boston bombing suspects with chechen "Black Widows" group

ABC news article 4/19/13 linking boston bombing suspects with chechen “Black Widows” group

And then received prominent coverage as the terrorist thread at the 2014 olympics:


Black Widow is also a Marvel comics character, who is actively being discussed on NPR and plenty of entertainment channels (remember when Siri talked about the gates of hell, and technologists around the world got a dose of “gates of hell?” This has the entertainment industry concentrating tons of energy on the symbol Black Widow).

As well, in general, the media seems to delight at any chance to label a female criminal a black widow:

So there is clearly an archetype being played off of here, and being empowered and used by the establishment in creating the web of lies that many on this planet still accept as reality. That archetype is, if you can believe it, the Black Widow:

The Siren or Black Widow is the female equivalent of the Vampire. She is slinky and smooth like black velvet with an iron core. She goes after anyone she wants and is skilled at using all her charms. When she lures you into her web she will sting you with her poison, putting you into a deep sleep. She will then devour you. Like the vampire, her only source of nurturing is her victim. When she devours her victim she goes on to the next. Her appetite is insatiable. Everything about her is a lie, even her incredibly good looks. She is often revealed to be an ugly beast underneath her beautiful facade.

And in a final synchronicity, we arrive at the realization that the Black Widow is simply the female equivalent of the vampire — the other symbol mentioned in the vampires, blood, and the gates of hell article.

Vampires and Black Widows

black widow

Without even looking at the details of the event in Waco, we can see that it is laden with the fingerprints of the cryptocracy’s mind control. (Which is great, because I’m happy not to read about only a sniper could hit that many center-mass shots, and on, and on…)

The only question remaining is this: why does the dark cabal empower the vampire and black widow archetypes through their controlled media?

Recall that reality is a mass shared dream, and bear in mind that the cryptocracy is these dark archetypes within our collective consciousness, projected out into reality. Thus, to empower these archetypes in our collective psyche is actually to strengthen itself in the shared dream of reality.