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Yesterday we experienced another massive surge of a symbol in the collective consciousness. The last time this happened, it didn’t seem to matter where you put your attention: there was a white-or-gold dress — and people dreamed about it. This time, it was “Jenner.” Actually, Jenner in a dress.

By mid-morning I was tired of hearing the word “Jenner” and actively avoiding any images from Vanity Fair. Which was nigh impossible, and still is. Even this afternoon (Tuesday), over 24 hours later, every mainstream news sites I try has the vanity fair cover on it: cnn, msnbc, yahoo and google news to name/screenshot a few. But by last night, it became clear that something significant is going on.

New readers should bear in mind the distinction between content and process. This post has nothing to do with Jenner–the content. It has to do with the process of any name/image/archetype being blasted into the collective human psyche at decidedly unhealthy levels.

Having said that, let’s back up and review events leading up to this.

Rising Vibes of a Jenner Frenzy

Looking at the dream graph, we see that “jenner” has been at increased levels (roughly double the “background” levels associated with being reality television stars, perhaps) for the last 6 weeks or so:

dream graph of "jenner", as of 2015.06.02

dream graph of “jenner”, as of 2015.06.02

Bruce’s name was blasted out in the media after a car accident in early February, which caused some activity (the first spike), but it wasn’t until late April, when he “came out” on 20/20 (and interestingly even spoke to his dreams…), that the nature of dreams specifically involving Bruce starts to change: we see recurring dreams of him, even dreams predicting the vanity fair image, but more significantly, dreams about being transgender:

Leading up to the release, one self-described ‘psychic dreamer’ shared her dream:

She is correct — although it happens to everyone.

it begins

At this point, the scene was set: the meme was primed and resonating in the collective conscious. Then, with the full moon, the name and images of an entirely new identity were released, and a craze began.

Some dreamers attribute their dream to the intense media coverage:


source: google news

And intense it has been! Beyond the barrage of headlines (see right) from the controlled media, we saw:

This assault on our psyche has manifested in our dreams. Unlike with the relatively simple dress, however, it’s not fair to say that the resulting dreams this time are of Bruce/Caitlyn. Look at the kinds of relationships between the dreamer and this new identity: here we see dreamers witnessing the actual transformation, dreamers feeling from camaraderie to even an extremely intense love with the new identity, and even those who dream of being this new identity:

engineering new characters within the human psyche

The “I love her so much” above is particularly striking. This person didn’t exist yesterday, and now is intensely loved. There’s a lot going on here; this level of engineering characters within the human psyche is frankly quite spooky, but we can learn much from it.

What do you see in these events? Did the “Bruce Jenner involved in fatal crash” headlines kill the phoenix, only for her to be reborn burning more brightly? Is the presidency next to turn into a woman? Are we witnessing the downfall of a patriarchal world order, out of whose ashes the new world order will reign under the divine feminine?

update 2015.06.03 1am vanity fair is reporting a record number of views with 13+ million on the video, plus “The story was trending on Twitter within the first 10 minutes of being set live and on Facebook within the first 2 hours — and it continues on Day 2 to be number 1 on Facebook and number 3 on Twitter.”

update 2015.06.11

Henrik did a terrific Red Ice interview with Sofia Smallstorm about the implications of America’s Superman choosing to become a woman.

Is it spreading?