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Today’s dream language update is focused on a new item we are seeing in dreams: Mr Robot.

Mr. Robot is a new show on the USA network on which I’ve had my eye since before it premiered, due chiefly to their invoking the Guy Fawkes mask, a now quite potent symbol created by occultist/magician Alan Moore in V for Vendetta, and since used by protesters around the world including most notably the Anonymous movement.

When a new TV show invoked that powerful (and currently active) of a meme, and was openly promoted using language about “the fraudulent, debt-based system,” it was clear that there is something going on here: the cryptocracy is clearly creating this for a purpose: a way to capture some of these sentiments in the public, and to direct less conscious people to react to these frustrations in violent ways. This is known as predictive programming.

I was unsurprised, then, when Christian Slater appeared in the mask and yelled, “WE WILL KILL YOU,” and fsociety (the show’s version of anonymous) signs clearly say “We are malicious.” If you are familiar at all with anonymous, you know this kind of language is not at all tolerated by anons; anonymous is about unwinding the collapsing system in a sustainable way — not collapsing it, and raising a new society from the ashes. That, in fact, is the stated goal of the cryptocracy/NWO!

For these reasons and more, I have wanted to make a video exploring some of the other ways that Mr Robot blurs the line between fantasy and reality. For example, Ashley Madison was mentioned in last week’s episode, in a line that was clearly ADR’d (audio added after the video was recorded) — this gives the show an extremely current feeling, because it’s talking about the same thing that the news is talking about. This very deliberately (and quite effectively) confuses the show’s world with our own.

Fortunately, TheScariestMovieEver just published an exceptional video yesterday that details some of the symbols and synchronicities in the show, so we can focus here on the hack deeper aspect. Here is his video:

When a show attempts to harness such active memes, it is not entirely surprising that it also predicts some real life events, as with the televised shooting that delayed the season finale.