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In this 2015.09.21 dream language update, we look briefly at prom and corbyn, both of which are spiking significantly:

I also build upon a video entitled, “the multicultural narrative is collapsing”, and propose that we shall soon see things even more ridiculous and extreme than the prime minister having sex with a pig in order to distract the masses from the collapsing narrative around the invasion of Europe.

In other words, we can expect also more divisive “leaks” of information not usually discussed on the western media — but only enough so to divide, like trump talking about vaccines (but quoting bad science), and fiorina talking about the horrific planned parenthood videos (but misquoting them, so her claims can be dismissed).

These are carefully chosen to engineer division in the population, to keep those who watch R’s living in a different reality than those who watch D’s, so they won’t notice the same larger agenda being pushed on all fronts.

Stay nimble. Hack deeper.

many dreams of corbyn