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This week I met a wonderful spirit named Laura.

Laura was a nutritionist with a deep understanding of holistic health. Her investigations into health issues such as GMOs, fluoride, wifi & smart meters, etc. ultimately led her to recognize a dark agenda that unites these (and many other) issues, which in turn led to a spiritual awakening.

the new age movement is a psyop

don’t give up your power!

Redefining herself as a “lightworker,” Laura abandoned her years of experience as a nutritionist. She now avoids speaking at all about things like GMO, because, as she confirmed when I asked:

We all make our own reality, so if my friend Joe doesn’t know about GMO, then it won’t poison him, and I don’t want to ruin that for him.

If you subscribe to this manner of thinking, I am glad you are here. :) I am a reiki master, am good friends with many lightworkers and love them all — but it’s time we examine this reasoning. To do so, we must remind ourselves as to the nature of reality — what it means when we say that we “make our own reality.”

reality is a mass shared dream

As I often reiterate, the idea that reality is a mass shared dream has been echoed by innumerable spiritual masters. The implications of this are awesome and myriad, but among them is this: what happens in reality is a function of all of our beliefs, intentions, and actions.

The key here is the “shared” part. In short, it is true that you can raise your vibration, and that can change reality in ways we can’t even guess… but it won’t keep me from punching you in the face. If that is my intent, if I have sufficient willpower to make it happen, and if you don’t take action to stop it, you will get punched in the face.

Let’s look at a example in a microcosm, to help shed light on the larger issue here: Bob intends to kill you. When you’re not looking, Bob pours poison in your drink. Clearly, you can not tell me that because you are unaware of the poison in your glass, it will have no effect on you. You can meditate all you want, but unless you first become aware that the drink has been poisoned, and then take action to avoid it, you will not enjoy that drink. Because you share this reality with Bob — it responds to both of your beliefs and intentions. And Bob intends to kill you.

This example with Bob is exactly the case with GMOs, fluoride, chemtrails, vaccines, only instead of Bob sitting across the table from you with some cyanide, there is a psychopathic cryptocracy executing a grand design, which (for reasons not to be explored here) includes intentionally poisoning our water, food, air, and medicine. Ignorance of their actions protects no one from them. It doesn’t matter that there are 7 billion people involved now: there is definitely still hydrofluorosilicic acid being added to our water supply; there is definitely still GMO on Joe’s plate, and it is definitely doing to Joe what it did to those poor tumor-ridden mice in any of the unforgettably horrific studies.

Throughout history, spiritual and peaceful people are persecuted. The Falun Gong should offer enough proof that focusing entirely on inner development is as flawed a premise as focusing entirely on the material world.

Indeed, there is a bit more to engineering reality (aka magic) than “The Secret” would have you believe. It is, in fact, more than a horrific fallacy: “New Age” is a weaponized spirituality. But this isn’t anything new — the world religions are the same thing.

what happened to laura?

So what happened to Laura?

An intelligent and experienced individual — one even credentialed by the system — thought critically, saw through the lies of the system, and became informed. But then, due to the carefully crafted presentation around “new age” flavored spirituality, she completely withdrew from this new knowledge. She became captured by the “new age consciousness trap” — one indeed laid by the very same cryptocracy that is poisoning us, in order to disarm her and many like her.

She tries not to speak or think about things she is knowledgable enough to be able to change.

The new age consciousness trap has robbed Laura of her willpower to change reality.

In the absence of willpower the most complete collection of virtues and talents is wholly worthless.

— Aleister Crowley

If everyone who learns about the dangers facing humanity withdraws in this manner, we have already lost the battle.

Do not accept any belief which strips you of your will to manifest change in reality.


act now

Don’t let the cryptocracy render you ineffective.

Don’t hold back any longer. Change the patterns today that are manifesting this reality!

Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.

— William James