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In my post, On The Death of the West, we looked to Jung to explain the accelerating decline of the West. Today, I wanted to share with you a fantastic interview between Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio, and Jay Weidner on the same.

Dream analysis, spirituality, even science and philosophy are luxuries that have only been afforded by the relative physical security in the West. However, the most massive invasion in history is now taking place, undoing that security, and we need now to turn our thoughts and attention to this situation, as thousands of years of progress are being forfeited in the name of political correctness before our very eyes.

Henrik and Jay speak articulately to the ongoing muslim invasion of both Europe and America, and how the 7-year Shemita cycle (part of the Kabbalah) has been followed over the last 70 years as historical events are often just as completely fabricated as more recent hoaxes like Sandy Hook and the Boston “Bombing.”

In short, this is a must listen, and it explains why social dream language is getting less of my attention here on the blog. I will keep the social dream language boards and dreamb0t running. But we truly must first secure our communities and peoples before fully indulging in these luxuries — and it’s going to take some creativity and imagination to get out of this mess.

Have a listen: