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In early October, I posted about a disturbing but persistent trend in social dream language: dreams of war have been steadily increasing for over a year now:

Dreams of 'War' (2015.11.30)

Dreams of ‘War’ (2015.11.30)

Dreams of 'Wars' (2015.11.30)

Dreams of ‘Wars’ (2015.11.30)

Now, a mere two months later, we are seeing this manifest in waking reality, as the western media has begun pushing World War 3 full force. (See my videos on how dreams inform our reality, and the western media programs us subconsciously). Take a look at these headlines just over the holiday weekend in the US:

BBC on WW3 (2015.11.25)

BBC on WW3 (2015.11.25)

CNN on WW3 (2015.11.25)

CNN on WW3 (2015.11.25)

NY Times on WW3 (2015.11.26)

NY Times on WW3 (2015.11.26)

There are some other interesting items on the dream trend board, but disturbingly, the only spike more pronounced than “thanksgiving” is currently ISIS:

Dreams of 'ISIS' (2015.11.30)

Dreams of ‘ISIS’ (2015.11.30)

In September, I also noted that Planned Parenthood was becoming a recurring symbol in dreams. This, too, is transpiring in reality, as the centers continue to be used in the media and as icons in recent staged events.

Stay grounded and resist the massive fear being promulgated by the western media (and social media).