Every day, here in Silicon Valley, I work and play alongside genuinely nice people. These well-meaning individuals are passionate about their jobs.

They work on smart phones and smart cars. Not because they are perfect spy devices for the zombie, unthinking public (in the very words of the NSA), but because working for Apple makes you a cool hipster.

They work on Google’s cameras that sit in your home and broadcast. Not because they want to further the surveillance state, but because they think it’s “super fun awesome” to watch your cat from your phone.

They work on Uber. Not because they want to track youeverywhere you go — or even eliminate private car ownership altogether. But because the app looks sexy.

They are working on analyzing your smart meter data, not because they want to know what you are doing at every last moment of the day, but because they want to save the world from global warming climate change. Even as Putin openly and accurately reveals the entire scam.

They develop video analysis algorithms for DARPA that can determine “suspicious activity.” Not because they want to ensure no one can ever rise up against the absolute tyranny being constructed around us, but because their system can “make sure doctors wash their hands between patients.” (I’m not making this up. Wish I were.)

In NYC, I knew folks who worked for MTV. Not because they want to deliberately dumb down and poison our culture (and certainly without knowing that the CIA also actively directs modern art), but because they wanted to be cool.

I’ve known folks who wrote code at hedge funds to execute trades faster. Not because they wanted to help the megarich fleece the public of every last cent, but because…actually, there was no reason other than to make a living.

I even have an old friend who has ended up frisking people for the TSA. Not because he wants to participate in security theater. Because that’s who’s hiring.

We all have to get by. You have to sleep somewhere. And, lets be honest, being a consciousness worker is not exactly a lucrative endeavor.

Can you imagine what would happen if these people applied their genius and creativity instead to the problem of ridding us of the psychopaths who are opening our borders and destroying the physical security and economic stability that has afforded the stability of the west, the very industrial revolution, the information age?


I don’t judge anyone for making a living. I have to do it too. But if you must work for the system — if you must help to build the prison around us — at least work to fully appreciate what you are doing, and put in the effort to ensure we never end up in that prison.

Otherwise, you are a fool.

Spread the word, folks. There’s not much time left to shake these people out of their trance before that physical security is lost, and with it, our way of life, and the futures we’ve imagined.