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In my last post, I mentioned that there is not much time left. I don’t say this to sound alarmist, but because there are certain trends and events that have reached a critical threshold. We have passed a point of no return with respect to the destruction of Europe, and what is required to continue to advance the agenda of the NWO.

This blog has focused chiefly on the nature of reality, consciousness and the human psyche, and the interplay between these. The reason I focus here is because I perceive a need for spiritual activism: activism infused with a holistic spiritual understanding. As the mainstream narrative collapses before our eyes, those who begin to search for answers about reality are too often caught (indeed, herded quite deliberately by the cryptocracy) in one of two traps: the patriotic/nationalist, angry mindset like an “info-warrior,” who focus on a polar us-versus-them mindset, or the other direction into “love and light”, becoming lightworkers who too often fail to actively work towards a better reality. Both of these, I call “consciousness traps,” although they are really traps that build themselves into your belief system and inhibit consciousness.

It is critical to have an understanding of the way our reality is in-formed by the collective human psyche to gain an appreciation of how the cryptocracy has hijacked our very ability to manifest this reality. Only by internalizing that reality is a mass shared dream can we embrace the idea that the cryptocracy (the deep state, khazarian jews, etc.), are actually the very manifestation of the shadow archetype. Paul Levy describes this as wetiko.

I believe this deep knowledge to be fundamental: a prerequisite both to first understanding what is playing out in the world, and then to reacting appropriately. There are, to be sure, inappropriate ways to respond to the insanity around us, if we are insufficiently informed.

the critical threshold


The threshold I am describing is clear to see: as millions of muslim invaders storm throughout Europe, a harsh reality is confronting those who believed in the lies of the system.

When one in four Swedish women will be raped, it becomes hard to support open borders and maintain the narrative behind multiculturalism and “strength through diversity.” Simultaneously, Europeans and the world at large are watching aghast as Germany hires former stasi agents to police facebook for anti-immigration posts, going as far as to strip individuals of their children and job for sharing “radical” views.

This is complete madness.

As the loss of physical security spreads throughout Europe, more and more people are unable to ignore the reality. They are looking around and seeing madness, and they are asking themselves, “Who is doing this? If the people don’t control the government, who does? Who benefits from this?”

The answer is non-obvious, lacking an understanding of who these people are, where they have come from over the millennia, and how they have metastasized throughout western civilization, hijacking our monetary system, our media, our culture, our minds, and ultimately, the collective human psyche itself. They are the wetiko: the shadow archetype.

A wave of nationalism is rising across Europe. It is, in fact, being inculcated quite deliberately and openly by the system:

  • Germany is set to re-release Hitler’s Mein Kampf (financed by taxpayers!).
  • Amazon’s “most-watched” series, Man in the High Castle, portrays a hypothetical world in which the Axis powers had won WW2.
  • YouTube has repeatedly censored The Greatest Story Never Told, ensuring that it would receive a resulting wave of attention and vitality.
  • Trump is pushing hard on nationalistic rhetoric: close the borders, kick out the muslims, etc.

These ideas are being promoted in the public consciousness to foment a response to the anti-european/anti-white policies adopted by governments throughout the West. To capture the rising sentiment and (much like the consciousness traps), keep people from thinking more deeply about who has opened the borders, and instead in a reactionary us-vs-them nationalist mentality.

Based on this social engineering effort (and the knowledge that nationalism works against the interests of the NWO’s increasing centralization towards a totalitarian global government), we can expect to soon see events in both Europe and America that the controlled media will associate somehow with a “xenophobic/racist nationalist resistance,” and which will be sufficiently horrific as to decisively and permanently eradicate these pockets of nationalism. After what’s coming, no one will dare to speak out against unchecked immigration. Nationalism will be stomped out for good; all borders destroyed (as was the stated goal.)

World War 3 has already started. It is not between NATO and Russia/China — it is, indeed, a battle for the very soul of humanity. After hundreds of years of preparation, brainwashing, and conquest, the agenda to eliminate European genetics is now an open one, well under way, and is–horrifically–being executed by the vast majority of the West itself.

consciousness workers needed

Spiritual activists needed — now is not the time to meditate. It is the time to raise consciousness, to spread awareness, and to inspire others to start asking their own truth.

So go, armed with answers, and meet them. For now, they certainly have questions.