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For the past weeks, the terms atop the social dream language board involves three men: Donald Trump, David Bowie, and Alan Rickman.

Bowie and Rickman are the latest examples of celebrities (or even the characters they portrayed) making appearances in numerous dreams across the world following their death. I call this the “Robin Williams” effect, as his was the first celebrity death after I started collecting social dream data.

As well, there is an incessant and truly fascinating stream of dreams involving Donald Trump — see the latest here.

The Trump trend is not just interesting, it is also hugely statistically significant. Trump dreams, in fact, are currently more common than Obama dreams. I’ve had my eye on the Trump trend since last August, but here is a chart showing how that initial spike has become a sustained trend:

many dreams of trump (more than obama, even!)

many dreams of trump (more than obama, even!)

Interestingly, there are many such dreams that also involve Bernie Sanders:

So put that in your hat for election 2016.