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Update (3/1/2016): see my next post for an exploration of the effects of this sensor error on our collective psyche

Interesting if not concerning, data from earth.nullschool.net indicates a massive release of carbon monoxide (CO) across the west coast of the US on February 26th. Multiple youtube channels have videos walking through the data including BPEarthwatch:

Such bursts of carbon monoxide have been associated with earthquakes by geophysicist Ramesh Singh, who observed a similar burst exactly seven days before the 2001 quake in Gujarat, India:

The researchers discovered the connection between CO emission and earthquake by analysing satellite remote sensing data collected around the time when a 7.6 magnitude earthquake shook Gujarat in western India nine years ago killing about 20,000 people and rendering thousands homeless.

Analysis of the satellite data showed a large peak in CO concentrations during January 19 and 20 — a week before the main earthquake event. On January 19, the total CO in the vertical column was also higher than usual. After the 26 January earthquake the concentration of the gas dropped.

If you’re on the west coast, it may be a good time to freshen up your earthquake kit.


We’ve seen spikes in the social dream language around earthquakes before, and indeed there is some of this going on now, but not a significant increase over normal levels. You can keep an eye on this dream graph and on @dreamb0t to follow in real-time.