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Less than 12 hours ago, I posted about an increase in social dream language around ‘earthquakes’. I postulated that the sudden increase in earthquake dreams could be due to discussion of erroneous CO/CO2 levels across the west coast:

It is truly fascinating to watch symbols and ideas propagate from sensor error, to internet discussion, to dreamtime, and perhaps again back to our mass shared dream known as reality.

Indeed, it appears now that these dreams very well could have been a predictive indicator in our collective consciousness. This morning, a 7.8 earthquake struck off the coast of Indonesia.


This is a particularly insightful example of a symbol or meme resonating in reality. A previous case study — the gates of hell — is more mimetically isolated, but this time, we can arguably trace the event back to a sensor error which focused a lot of our collective attention on the possibility of an earthquake. This collective energy forms a tulpa, and manifests in reality: