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I have posted before about people dreaming about Donald Trump. In fact, I made it the subject of a social dream language video last August. From the video:

Donald Trump is being rung like a bell in the collective consciousness of humanity right now.

More recently, I noted again that the Trump dreams had continued:

The Trump trend is not just interesting, it is also hugely statistically significant. Trump dreams, in fact, are currently more common than Obama dreams.

This trend continued to accelerate, almost exponentially, until plateauing this month:

dreams of donald trump, as of 2016.03.18

dreams of donald trump, as of 2016.03.18

It’s hard to describe just how absurd the number of dreams involving Trump on Twitter is right now, but Donald Trump dreams account for .8% of all dreams described in the last 3 weeks. Compare this to Bernie, who is also trending, having plateaued since January, yet accounts for only .02%.

In these absolute terms, the surge of Trump dreams is even more significant than ebola. It’s the craziest thing I’ve seen to date in the data.

what does it mean?

I hesitate to even speculate; I’d rather provide you the data and let you make your own conclusions.

I will say this. As the establishment does everything it can to stop him, Trump increasingly becomes a symbol of rejecting the deep state, the ruling cryptocracy. Each time the hidden hand uses another of its puppets—even the pope!— to try to strike him down, he is further empowered, not as a man, but as an archetype.

These are powerful forces, make no mistake. An egregore can quickly outgrow the man, and just as Esoteric Hitlerism contends that Hitler was the ninth avatar of Vishnu:

Hiter was the god-like Individual of our times; the Man against Time; the greatest European of all times

—Devi Mukherji, The Lightning and the Sun

Are there indications that esoteric trumpism is on the rise? Could Trump be seen as the 10th avatar of Vishnu?

The Huffington Post is certainly helping the idea reach people:


And it’s picking up momentum:


This is not the regular election nonsense; it’s beyond the usual media coverage bleeding into dreams. Reality is shifting and associations with some of the most primal and powerful archetypes in our collective human psyche are at play.

How powerful?

Today, for Easter, effigies are being burnt in Mexico:

… and a Trump tombstone appeared in Central Park:


Be careful, stay grounded, and keep taking baby steps towards the future you want to build.