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Life is fully inspiring right now.

Every day affords another opportunity to find new, creative ways to spread the truth.

To speak openly and honestly about what’s going on in the world is the only way to regain the narrative. And regaining the narrative is the only way for humanity to reclaim our ability to manifest the reality we want to experience — not the future the cryptocracy has in mind for us.

The news via geoengineeringwatch.org that half of the Great Barrier Reef is dying over the next 30 days is simply devastating. The biggest living creature on the planet is dying, and it is our responsibility to understand why and do our part to put an end to the omnicidal geoengineering that is going on.

This is an extreme event. Use it to get under people’s immediate daily defense systems. Some people I’ve spoken to about this are in complete denial, “Well, I heard sometimes it can grow back.” But others actually pause, when they learn that one of the 7 natural wonders of the world is dying in a geological instant. Need I really quote Rahm, “Never let a crisis go to waste”? Well, the situation is sufficiently terrible, that we must use it to wake people up.

I’m also moved by the response to Vaxxed, which Jon Rappoport has covered so well. Again, this is the kind of high-profile event that potentially allows us to lift the curtain away, and expose the truth.


These are few, far in between, and will be no more than a flash in the pan unless we act quickly and imaginatively to take advantage of them! (That said, as the situation becomes increasingly insane, and more and more of humanity wakes up, we should expect to see more such opportunities. But only if we DO make use of them! So do it!)

If we are here to see what it is like to be a light burning in seemingly absolute darkness…let us be the brightest examples we can be. Remember the reality you DO want to live. Imagine how we can get there. Focus on that reality, and work towards it every day. Just baby steps…