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Yesterday’s loss of Prince is resonating significantly in the collective psyche of humanity. There is, however, more than meets the eye to this.

Prince has died under continuing (and undeniably bizarre) media coverage. He was among the more awake and aware artists, having spoken out about many issues. From a 2004 Washington Post piece, Purple Reign:

Prince is soft-spoken, intense and a tad pious, and he commandeers the course of this hour-long chat as if it’s another golf cart. He also sounds, now and then, a bit paranoid, offering half-serious and dark theories on topics like water fluoridation, childhood vaccines and the Grammys, which he suspects are essentially rigged by record execs.

Prince also explicitly called out geoengineering in a TV interview:

Geoengineering? Vaccines? Fluoridation? Prince has clearly looked deeply into the darker agendas at play in our current reality, and done his best to warn the public.

Could this have accelerated his demise?

speak no evil

This year has been a bad one for those who speak the truth. Joan Rivers was lost to the medical system under mysterious conditions (no autopsy!) after commenting about Michael Obama being First Transvestite.

Merle Haggard wrote a song decrying geoengineering. At his age, no one questioned his passing, but it certainly falls in line with these others:

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 12.40.09 PM

If Prince were taken out deliberately, we would expect to see some sign from the cryptocratic establishment that they took him out. Something that would serve as a warning sign to other artists to keep quiet. Indeed, their fingerprints are all over this, from the extensive media coverage of his “flu” before his death (which serves to push the unseeing masses to get their toxic flu shots) to the fact that buildings around the world were somehow immediately turned purple in his honor:

purple buildings

There is plenty of discussion of this elsewhere on the web — let’s return now to the effect this loss is having on the human psyche.

dreams of prince

dreams of prince, spiking after his death 2016-04-22

dreams of prince, spiking after his death 2016-04-22

There is an absolute deluge of dreams streaming across Twitter. Beyond the myriad surreal encounters, these include also reports of dreams predicting his death:

Dreams that depict him walking a dangerous path:

Dreams that conflate Prince with other recent celebrity deaths, like David Bowie:

… and many more. Dip into the stream here or follow @dreamb0t.