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pokeball The collective psyche is sustaining yet another powerfully resonating hit this week, as the release of Nintendo’s Pokemon Go (whose developer is associated with the CIA’s In-Q-Tel) continues around the world. The media is in fact covering the extent to which this is affecting people, but generally from a humorous perspective, like making people’s legs sore.

What you won’t read in the news, however, is that this thought form, or tulpa, is currently resonating so strongly that even people who don’t play are affected, dreaming of pokemon:

In fact, the dream data confirms that the effect right now is massive:

social dream language involving 'pokemon' spiking after release of 'pokemon go'

social dream language involving ‘pokemon’ spiking after release of ‘pokemon go’

This is the second time within a month that our collective psyche is being battered so aggressively. The first, the brexit meme, was also huge. In fact, as zerohedge reports, these both have the rare and odd distinction of having eclipsed web searches for ‘porn’.

stay grounded

These mimetic attacks (as well as the scripted, violent incidents) are increasing in both power and frequency. Be sure to spend extra time to metabolize the resulting fear, anxiety, and negative energies.