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There have been surges in social dream language associated both with ‘Putin‘ (up 269% week-over-week) and ‘Russia (up 237%).’

3-month trend of Russia, spiking this week.

3-month trend of Russia, spiking this week.

Interestingly, sentiment within both sets of dreams is largely positive. In other words, people are dreaming fondly of Russia and Vladimir Putin:

Note that the spike in social dream language extends to other social platforms. Here is a dream from Reddit:

I dreamt I had an arranged marriage with Putin, and I agreed for political reasons and because he’s powerful. In the dream, my family disapproved because I’m young and it happened so suddenly, but they didn’t say anything. The dream felt super real, and in the same dream there was some sort of political dinner I had to attend where I met Melania Trump who was really nice and she baked mini chocolate cakes for everyone, which were really good. I couldn’t tell my friends about everything that happened in my life because it was all being kept a secret until the government formally announced it, so I became very isolated. It was strange, it was as if I could view my dream from third person, where I could analyse the subtext of isolation, and putting objective logic (marrying for political reasons) over an actual relationship

And from Facebook (although this one isn’t cheery):

I dreamt that I was at a press conference where people were accusing Putin of rigging the election. Well, Putin got so mad that he declared war and I was fleeing for my life from the Russians. Then, as I escaped, I ran into a battle field where The Americans were using Imperial AT-ATs to fight back. After escaping the battle field, I found myself at the command center, where presiding bishop Elizabeth Eaton was leading the attack against Russia! Craziness!!

Eyes open for major news involving Putin/Russia, or a change in the way the world sees them. This may or may not be precipitated by the obviously problematic (fake?) assassination of Ambassador Andrey Karlov. Anything remains game these next few weeks leading up to the inauguration, so keep paying attention to (and sharing) your dreams, and holding the space for the best outcome.