I study the dream language available through social media.  It’s part of my basic philosophy on dealing with (and responding sanely to) an insane reality.

Until I better organize some thoughts, please see my opening post and the following posts for more information on why our dream data should be open source (an introduction to harvesting dream language), what can be learned from dream language and its significance in light of current events, and if interested, more on the technical aspects of the process.

Alternatively, here is a quick (6min) intro to the purpose of this blog and an example of a meme (in this case, the gates of hell) resonating in the collective unconscious:

View the current trending dream language: dreams.hackdeeper.org

about the author

I am a creative technologist, musician and reiki master who blogs at hackdeeper.org, analyzing current events, media, and trends in social dream language to identify symbols and archetypes that are resonating in the mass shared dream we know as reality.

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