swords of damocles


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We live with myriad imminent, existential threats. As time goes on, these threats seem to multiply. And indeed, as one takes it upon one’s self to look more deeply into our reality, one becomes increasingly aware of these threats. Radiation from Fukushima, a Carrington style solar event or man-made EMP, economic collapse, nuclear war or terrorism, geoengineering — just to name a few — any of these could cause a chain reaction that brings down our critical infrastructure on any given day. This list is extensive and genuinely frightening. Wherever you find yourself, there are almost certainly local issues with which you might concern yourself as well.


swords of damocles — as if one wasn’t enough !

We respond to these “background threats” in different ways. Many of us who are aware of them at least try to hedge these risks, making plans or preparations as best we can. This year, however, things have changed.

The Beginning Is Near

As I described coming into 2016, we have reached a critical point with respect to the ability of the cryptocracy to control the narrative and, transitively, the population. What some are calling a rise in populism or nationalism is, in fact, an entirely natural response to their unrelenting march towards the consolidation power into the hands of unelected technocrats. We’ve seen this manifesting this year in Trump’s messaging, in the Brexit and other referendums on EU, and beyond.

Those who have clenched control of the world have employed every possible means to do so. It is reasonable, then, to expect that they will stop at nothing in an attempt to maintain it. These sociopathic ruling “elites,” as well, are a very real and present danger.

Like a child who attempts to tighten her grasp around Jello, their struggle is only accelerating the awakening: the false left/right paradigm has broken down this year as RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) come out in support of Hillary. The extent to which the media is controlled is belied by their singing in unison of how horrible Trump is. And the truth about the EU is being discussed openly.

This critical inflection point is painfully clear; the world we have known has reached its end. Islamic invaders have already ratcheted up their attacks to such a level that the German government proclaims its citizens should be stockpiling food and water to brace for a catastrophic attack. (If you have not read Matt Bracken’s essay, Tet Take Two, I highly recommend it, as it really lays out the cryptocracy’s weapon of choice: an unholy alliance between international socialism—the “left”—and Islam).

The edifice of the system that provides food and water to the vast majority of us has crumbled, revealing a fully rotten core, barely functioning. To continue to depend on that system for your survival is madness.

A recurring theme in my writing is the need to work towards on the reality we wish to experience, and we wish our children to experience, rather than fret about and continue studying these threats. It simply doesn’t matter how much you know about the Clinton Foundation. It’s not going to help you manifest that desired reality.

Instead, this is the time to dedicate yourself fully to actively working towards a new reality. There are different areas to develop: community, skills, property, sustainable sources of food and water, health. The task before us each is to become independent of the failing system, and quickly. Only in doing so can we remove the shackles currently upon ourselves and, indeed, all of humanity.

Strive towards this goal in all that you do, all that you learn, and everything you build. Prepare.

And God bless.

pokemon take over dreams


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pokeball The collective psyche is sustaining yet another powerfully resonating hit this week, as the release of Nintendo’s Pokemon Go (whose developer is associated with the CIA’s In-Q-Tel) continues around the world. The media is in fact covering the extent to which this is affecting people, but generally from a humorous perspective, like making people’s legs sore.

What you won’t read in the news, however, is that this thought form, or tulpa, is currently resonating so strongly that even people who don’t play are affected, dreaming of pokemon:

In fact, the dream data confirms that the effect right now is massive:

social dream language involving 'pokemon' spiking after release of 'pokemon go'

social dream language involving ‘pokemon’ spiking after release of ‘pokemon go’

This is the second time within a month that our collective psyche is being battered so aggressively. The first, the brexit meme, was also huge. In fact, as zerohedge reports, these both have the rare and odd distinction of having eclipsed web searches for ‘porn’.

stay grounded

These mimetic attacks (as well as the scripted, violent incidents) are increasing in both power and frequency. Be sure to spend extra time to metabolize the resulting fear, anxiety, and negative energies.

dreams of dallas spike leading into 7/7


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There was a huge spike in dreams of Dallas over the last week, and tonight, on 7/7, we are seeing why.


The police shootings hours ago are rife with synchromystic associations: Dallas, on the 33rd parallel, links to JFK. The date, 7/7, is an echo of the London bombings. London was 7/7/2005 — expect to see more 7’s and more 5’s.

Update: The number of fallen police has been amended to 5. Also, as if the implicit association wasn’t enough, headlines are directly linking Dallas to 9/11:


dreams of prince


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Yesterday’s loss of Prince is resonating significantly in the collective psyche of humanity. There is, however, more than meets the eye to this.

Prince has died under continuing (and undeniably bizarre) media coverage. He was among the more awake and aware artists, having spoken out about many issues. From a 2004 Washington Post piece, Purple Reign:

Prince is soft-spoken, intense and a tad pious, and he commandeers the course of this hour-long chat as if it’s another golf cart. He also sounds, now and then, a bit paranoid, offering half-serious and dark theories on topics like water fluoridation, childhood vaccines and the Grammys, which he suspects are essentially rigged by record execs.

Prince also explicitly called out geoengineering in a TV interview:

Geoengineering? Vaccines? Fluoridation? Prince has clearly looked deeply into the darker agendas at play in our current reality, and done his best to warn the public.

Could this have accelerated his demise?

speak no evil

This year has been a bad one for those who speak the truth. Joan Rivers was lost to the medical system under mysterious conditions (no autopsy!) after commenting about Michael Obama being First Transvestite.

Merle Haggard wrote a song decrying geoengineering. At his age, no one questioned his passing, but it certainly falls in line with these others:

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 12.40.09 PM

If Prince were taken out deliberately, we would expect to see some sign from the cryptocratic establishment that they took him out. Something that would serve as a warning sign to other artists to keep quiet. Indeed, their fingerprints are all over this, from the extensive media coverage of his “flu” before his death (which serves to push the unseeing masses to get their toxic flu shots) to the fact that buildings around the world were somehow immediately turned purple in his honor:

purple buildings

There is plenty of discussion of this elsewhere on the web — let’s return now to the effect this loss is having on the human psyche.

dreams of prince

dreams of prince, spiking after his death 2016-04-22

dreams of prince, spiking after his death 2016-04-22

There is an absolute deluge of dreams streaming across Twitter. Beyond the myriad surreal encounters, these include also reports of dreams predicting his death:

Dreams that depict him walking a dangerous path:

Dreams that conflate Prince with other recent celebrity deaths, like David Bowie:

… and many more. Dip into the stream here or follow @dreamb0t.

burn bright


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Life is fully inspiring right now.

Every day affords another opportunity to find new, creative ways to spread the truth.

To speak openly and honestly about what’s going on in the world is the only way to regain the narrative. And regaining the narrative is the only way for humanity to reclaim our ability to manifest the reality we want to experience — not the future the cryptocracy has in mind for us.

The news via geoengineeringwatch.org that half of the Great Barrier Reef is dying over the next 30 days is simply devastating. The biggest living creature on the planet is dying, and it is our responsibility to understand why and do our part to put an end to the omnicidal geoengineering that is going on.

This is an extreme event. Use it to get under people’s immediate daily defense systems. Some people I’ve spoken to about this are in complete denial, “Well, I heard sometimes it can grow back.” But others actually pause, when they learn that one of the 7 natural wonders of the world is dying in a geological instant. Need I really quote Rahm, “Never let a crisis go to waste”? Well, the situation is sufficiently terrible, that we must use it to wake people up.

I’m also moved by the response to Vaxxed, which Jon Rappoport has covered so well. Again, this is the kind of high-profile event that potentially allows us to lift the curtain away, and expose the truth.


These are few, far in between, and will be no more than a flash in the pan unless we act quickly and imaginatively to take advantage of them! (That said, as the situation becomes increasingly insane, and more and more of humanity wakes up, we should expect to see more such opportunities. But only if we DO make use of them! So do it!)

If we are here to see what it is like to be a light burning in seemingly absolute darkness…let us be the brightest examples we can be. Remember the reality you DO want to live. Imagine how we can get there. Focus on that reality, and work towards it every day. Just baby steps…