vaccines: the right questions

This information on vaccines is collected here and maintained in a more permanent fashion than @sb277bot affords.

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To look past ‘anti’/’pro’ for a real, unbiased, unemotional appraisal of the issues surrounding modern vaccines, I highly recommend this well-written and very objective open letter by Plum Remson.

This letter asks the right questions (like why aren’t vaccine manufactures liable), and frames the discussion appropriately.

This background is vital to understanding the very real questions surrounding the issue, yet isn’t publicly discussed in any mainstream media. This is unsurprising, as over 70% of network news revenue comes from pharmaceutical advertisements.


I highly respect Dr. Sherri Tenpenny for her courage in speaking openly about vaccines. Her recent interview on Red Ice Radio is highly informative, and includes thoughts on SB277. She blogs at

These individuals have passionately dedicated more of their lives to thoroughly researching the history, efficacy, and side-effects of modern immunizations than anyone else on the planet — in order to fully understand and react intelligently to the very real injuries and losses in their own family:

ongoing news

the science

Watch a neuron wither in the presence of mercury:



  • You can download and query the VAERS database yourself here. Note that this data is self-reported and has many issues.

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  1. Janem1276 said:

    Good information but wanted to point out that there is no plural for “virus”, therefore “virii” is incorrect.

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