The human body is about 60% water. To operate properly, we require clean water.

This is a huge topic. Among the priorities is removing fluoride from municipal sources. There are innumerable studies showing fluoride to be extremely detrimental to health, which is no surprise, because it is a poison. In fact, it is a highly toxic by-product of the aluminum industry (and others); read about its history here.

Generations of scientists, doctors, and dentists alike have warned that it is a ruinous chemical to ingest, yet it remains in our public water supply.

Another dangerous and ubiquitous contaminant is glyphosate, from Monsanto’s Round-Up and GMO products.


Beyond filtering these toxins your water, there is new research that supports the concept of “structured water.”

I highly recommend listening to this interview with Dr. Gerald Pollack, a research professor who has documented a “fourth phase” of water that plays an immensely important role in nature and, particularly, the human body. Generally speaking, the more “exclusion zone water” (or “EZ water”) in your body, the better your systems perform: